Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


27. I love you



I dash outside and hide behind the barbecue. I stay as still as possible so no one can find me. I stay there for a good 10 minutes and then afterwards stand up. I walk around not really caring if I get attacked with everyone looking for me. It was really quite so I guessed that everyone went inside. I look around and see Jess sitting by the edge of the pool with her feet dipped into the water. I go over to her and sit next to her, "You okay Jessie?" I ask her. "No I'm not, Jay I just messed everything up.." sh says looking up at me. Her eyes are read and puffy with tears forming. "Jess don't cry, just tell me what happened. I'm here for you and you know that." I say pulling her into a hug. 


"So what basically happened was that I ran out of my house and I jumped into the pool so they wouldn't get me. Then Ethan jumps in behind me and he tells me that he still loves me and he was starting to cry and I hugged him and Liam saw and he left." Jess let's out all in one breath. Tears still falling from her eyes. "Jess please stop crying, I know it hurts but you have to be strong. I'll help you through this okay?" I say giving her a small smile, she nods back wiping her tears from her eyes, "It's just that I told Ethan that I loved him too.." My eyes widened a little and I said "Really?" She nods her head and says "Yeah, but I told him that I love Liam too." I nod my head and say "Are you sure Jess?" "I'm not lying anymore, yes I love them both and when Liam saw me hugging Ethan his face just dropped and that broke me. I don't wanna hurt them..." Jess finishes. I nod my head and say "I'll help, don't worry. Now lets go inside and clean up okay?" I say getting up and holding my hand out to help her up. She takes it and we both head inside.



Everyone is looking for Jazmine and Jessica, they've been gone or hiding for 10 minutes. We all stopped when we heard  a door open. Me, Nina, and Hunter charge our water guns with fudge. We all aim our guns to where the noise was coming from and see Jessica and Jazmine coming from there. We shoot them a couple of times and then Jessica says "Can you please stop! I'm gonna go to bed." as she leaves to her room. We put our water guns down, "We should clean this up." Hunter says looking at us. "Have fun cleaning!" Jazmine says making her way to the stairs. "Should we shower first? I mean If we clean like this we wont make any progress." Nina say looking at Hunter and I. I nod agreeing and make my way up to my rooms with the others behind heading to their rooms.


-After Shower-


I make my way downstairs and meet up with Nina and Hunter. We all start cleaning the living room and then head to the backyard. After a good hour of cleaning we all head inside and head to the living room. I see Jazmine's there watching TV sitting on the couch in her PJ's. "What time is it?" I ask her, "It's 8:00 pm" she says looking at her phone. "Okay thanks" I say walking over to the couch and sitting next to her. "By any chance do you know where Harry went?" Jazmine asks me "Yeah, he left to drop Liam off at his house." I reply. "Okay" she says looking back to the TV.




As I'm watching TV I start thinking and remember about Jess, she has been in her room for a while. I decide to check on her, I tell everyone I'm gonna go check on her and head up to her room. I knock on the door and no one answers, "Jess open up I know you're in there." I say while knocking on the door repeatedly. "Fine, just open the door. It's unlocked." she says quietly. I open the door and come inside, I close the door behind me and walk over to Jess. "Jessica" I say looking down at her, "What?" she says looking up at me. "You're gonna have to pick sooner or later" I say looking at her with my arms crossed.    


Jessica P.O.V.

Jazmine's words keep going through my head on and on I knew they were wise, so I probably should pick right now, right? But that's the thing. Who do I pick my old lover or Liam. I nod my head so Jazmine knows I took acknowledgement of her, "So did you pick?" She says softly looking at me. I let my body fall back onto my bed, covering my head with a pillow "Just kill me now" I cried. "No, I'm not Jess! If you don't do anything now they won't forgive you." Jay finished.

I run downstairs trying to get to the door, "Where are you going so late?" I hear a familiar voice speaking, it was Ethan. "Out" I quickly say before I slam the door behind me. 

I go up to Liam's flat running, before I knocked, I try to catch my breath. "I knew you'd be hear soon" Harry said when he opened the door. "What have you been doing, staring out the peephole?" I exclaim "Haha nope, I guess I opened the door at the right time." Harry chuckles out. "Just let me in" I hit his shoulder causing him to rub it.  "I can't! You aren't allowed" "Says who?" I whine "Liam." He replies looking down at me. I look down, feeling the tears dropping from my eyes. "No no, Don't cry" I hear worry in Harry's voice, "I lost him, didn't I?" My hands move up to my face to cover the tears "You haven't yet" Harry's huge arms go around my back, he gives me a big warm hug and whispers "Go get him." He wipes the tears off my face as I go in the flat "Why are you still here, leave dummy" I tease him, I swear I can't be in a room with Harry without making fun of the curly haired boy. "Cause my best friend needs me" he replies. "Not anymore bye bye." I giggle "Okay fine, bye" he said before walking out the door. 

As I walk to Liam's room I hear the front door close, my hands are sweating. My feet keep on trembling, stomach is flipping all around, my throat is aching by the fact that I'm holding in my tears. I stretch out my hand, slightly opening the door. I start examining the room when I spot Liam on the bed laying down with his eyes closed. He is wearing blue boxers without a shirt, I see his toned tan skin and his abs popping out, the floor is full of beer cans. Everything is everywhere. "Get out Harry!" He screams at me "I'm not Harry" I hustle my self to say "You go away too!" "I'm not Liam" "Go away!" He sniffles "No." I say clearly "Go away Jessica" he whines "No." I say firmly again.

"Then I am leaving" he stumbles to get on his feet, "Liam you can't leave!" I cried. "Why? Can't I. I mean, no one loves me no one cares about me and certainly not you Jessica." He says still sniffling. "You're drunk Liam." I puff out not trying to yell. "And? I don't need to listen to you anymore since we aren't together" Liam says, did he just break up with me? Is it really over? Why is he being so mean I can't stand it, I watch him walk towards the door. "Get out the way." he said firmly looking down at me. "No." I scream in his face, "I'll make you get out the way" he angrily screams at me grabbing my arms, I gasp because of the pain. "Liam you're hurting me" I whine, "Like you hurt me?" He holds my arms tighter. "Stop please Liam it hurts" I cry out "No" he says, "Liam, I know you're upset I know you don't trust me and I know you think I like Ethan more than you but" I start to cry, I have no clue if its because of the pain that my nerves are sending to my brain or my heart. "Liam I love you" I finally let out those three words. I see his brown eyes widen, then he lets go of me. I drop to the floor trembling with fear "Princess?" He says, I just hide my face. "I didn't mean to please" he chokes out "No Liam." He crawls next to me, "Baby please" he says quietly. I stay quiet, still trying to get my fright out "Love" he says but I cut him off before he could say anything else. "Liam how do you expect me to just to just act normal after you kept on hurting me? You did it purposely which was worse." I sob, "But, Jessica I would never hurt you, I didn't know what was going on baby please" his voice echoes through my ears making chills go down my body. I'm scared of the boy I love. 

"Jess please.." Liam says looking at me. "I-I-" I wasn't able to finish, I just get up and run downstairs as fast as I can. I make it to the front door and run out to my car and get inside. I sit in the drivers seat and start crying, I cover my face with my hands. I can't believe that he hurt me... I look at my arms, they're pink, slightly red and some small bruises beginning to form. Shivers run through my body remembering that Liam caused it. I snap out from looking at my arms and look at the window. Liam's knocking on it repeatedly looking at me, he's crying non-stop. His eyes are puffy red, he put on some sweats and a jumper. A tear escape my eye but I quickly wipe it away. "Please..." He says from outside of my car. I try ignoring him and turn the car on and raise the volume of the radio. I look away from the window and put on my seat belt and face the front glass. The knocking on my window get louder, I ignore it and put the gear in shift to drive. Liam then stands in front of my car. I look at him teary-eyed and honk the horn at him hoping he'd move out of the way. He wouldn't budge. "Please" mouths at me, I put the gear to park and turn off my car. Then Liam makes his way over to me. I slowly get out of my car and stand a few inches away from Liam. He looks at me still crying, I start tearing up. I can't stand seeing him cry. He then pulls me into a hug and kisses my head. I hug back softly. "I can't loose you Jess, you're too important to me. If you leave me I don't know what I'll do. Please Jess I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." He says between his sobs. I nod my head softly and say "I can't loose you either Liam. I-I lo-love you" I manage to choke out. I was speechless at what he said. "I love you too." He says kissing my head once again.




Hey lovelies! Thanks for reading the chapter. Hope you enjoy, sorry for the long wait. New chapter coming out soon! Stay tuned. Love you guys!


Stay Beautiful




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