Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


30. Here Comes Trouble..




Once we finished having lunch at McDonald's we headed back to the car, it was quiet once everyone was all ready. I turn around to face JJ and Ashley, they were both looking around at the things in my car examining everything carefully. They were both so adorable. "Ashley, JJ"  They both turned their heads to face me, "Yes?" JJ said fiddling with her fingers. "Would you like to go to the park?" I asked as their faces lit up. "Yes please!" they said in unison, I nodded my head and turned back to face the front, I took my seat belt and buckled it. I made sure the girls in the back were buckled in and then went to check on Jay, she was buckled in too. I frowned when I saw she was putting on some make up, she doesn't need any of that and I don't know how many times I have to tell her! 


"Jay" I say before turning my head to face hers "Yes Harry?" she replied while putting away her makeup. I frowned at her, "You know you don't need any of that, you're beautiful without it. Okay?" "But still..We're going to go out in public I at least want to look decent.." She trailed off and started to play with her fingers looking away from me, I reached over and titled her face up to face mines with my finger. "Like I said, you look beautiful without it okay?" She turned a bit pink  once I finished my sentence and I smiled turning back to face the front. "Awwwwww!" Ashley said "SO CUTE!" JJ squealed. I chuckled and Jay joined me too as she let out a small laugh. I started the car and turned the radio on, and started driving to the park.




I watched JJ and Ashley run around the trees as they we're playing tag, I really really missed them a lot. I walked around the trees looking at everything carefully. Everything is so beautiful, and it all just happens because of nature, that's really incredible to be honest. I turned around to make sure if Ashley and JJ were doing alright, which they were and then turned to my left to see Harry coming over to me. I looked up and noticed something stuck in a tree, It was a little bird, it seemed to get to have gotten stuck between these two branches. Without thinking I started climbing up the tree, about half-way up there I hear someone calling me. I look down to see who it was, Harry. He was freaking out, "JAY GET DOWN YOU'RE GOING TO FALL!!!!" I mean I wouldn't blame him for freaking out, I was pretty high up here. "It's okay! Just give me a moment!" I yelled back "NO GET DOWN NOW! PLEASE! YOU'RE GOING TO GET HURT!!" Harry yelled back, he was being stubborn. "I'm fine! Just give a minute please!" I yelled back and kept climbing. The higher I got up they louder Harry would yell at me to get down. Can't he just calm down and wait? Geez what an impatient boy. I finally made it to where the little bird got trapped, I crawled over to it carefully and untangled him from the branches. I took him in my hand carefully and headed back down the tree.


Once I was back down I got a little complaints from Harry for not listening to him, I just ignored them. "Is that a bird?" He said noticing the little animal in my hands. "Yes it is, I went up the tree to help him. He got stuck between these branches so I went to save him!" I said proud of myself. He chuckled at how proud I was, "So you went up there, risking your life because you could have fallen to save a bird?" He said trying to process the information, "Yes I did." I said smiling at how I helped the little animal. "That's nice, but erm don't do it again okay? You had me worried." He said coming over to pet the little birds head. "Whatever you say Mr.Styles" I said poking him arm. He took out his phone and said "Smile!" I just smiled at his phone not complaining to not take a picture, I don't like taking pictures of myself. I just don't think I'm photogenic. I set the little bird on a park table and saw him fly away, I smiled being content at what I did. "Now let's go play something, yeah?" Harry said hugging me from behind "Sure!" I said before turning around to face him. 


After a while of playing hide and seek with Harry and the girls I got a little bored so I went and sat on the grass. I noticed I sat next to a mud puddle so I moved away from it hoping I wouldn't get dirty. Soon enough Harry comes over and pushes me into it, "Harry!" I let out a scream and I wipe my face from the mud. "Yes love?" He responds laughing at what he just did, "Why?!" I whined like a 5 year old, "Just cause I felt like it" He replied showing off a cheeky grin. Because he wanted to? Oh that boy is gonna get it. "Can you help me up at least?" I said innocently sticking my hand out so he can help me up, "Yeah" He said while reaching his hand out to mine. He had no idea what was coming, I took his hand and yanked him into the mud with me. "Jay!! That's not fair!" Harry retorted at what I just did, "Yes it is" I said giggling, he was completely covered in mud from head to toe. He wiped the mud from his face and said "Well two could play at that game" and before I knew it I started being tickled. 


After the whole incident of the mud puddle we decided to go home, Harry and I sat in the front and the girls in the back. The girls kept laughing at us at what happened, they knew because they saw. I just shook my head and laughed then said "Oh please hush" and with that we started heading to Jess' house.


--A/N: Jess' P.O.V. is written by the Jessica herself :D--


Jessica's P.O.V

As me and Liam enter my bedroom he says  "Babe?" "Yeah?" I reply without delaying "Umm how about you go downstairs and make us some sandwiches? I'll pack your clothes!" He said excitedly "Okay babe" I smiled, thank god he wants to pack my stuff honestly I hate packing my luggage. It reminds me of all my family leaving, but now my sister is here and I can't wait to see her, and squish her to death by hugging her of course. I walk downstairs and quickly make some sandwiches and walk back up stairs "Here love, I made you three hope you're hungry," I grin and look up to see Liam laying on my bed with only his boxers "Weren't you gonna pack my luggage?" I said making a confused expression "I did," he smiled I go and open the luggage and see the shortest clothes I own "The hell Liam?" I say scrunching my eyebrows "I mean you don't have to wear clothes if you don't want to," Liam says smirking "*cough* perv *cough*" Liam starts laughing  "Just kidding baby," He tells me wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "Go and put a movie on in the movie room I'll be done in a bit, Kay babe?" I say, I see Liam running downstairs. Now time to pack.

Moments later I finish packing all my clothes I head downstairs and search for Liam. I give up after not finding him in the movie room where is this guy? "Liam?" I call out loudly "Find me if you can!" I hear him shout Awh he's so cute are we really playing hide and seek? I guess so "what are you doing Liam!" I yell "playing with you," he laughs "Hmm okay I guess I'll just not give you kisses anymore," I tell him trying to win the game, I am the worst hide and seek player ever I couldn't find anything to save my life "Kisses?" I hear him say like a birdy "Yeah, come down ill give you some." I said giggling I see Liam running towards me that's when I ran away "Wait this isn't fair you lied liar!" Liam shouts "I know," I modestly reply. Liam finally caught up to me lifting me up and throwing me into the pool "Why did you do this? You just messed up my clothes yet another time!" I argue with him "babe ill buy you more" he smiled I bit my lip and nod my head I see Liam jumping in he quickly swam to me and wrapped his arms around my waist he puts his chin on my shoulder "I wish we could stay like this forever," he said with a raspy voice I turn around and put my hands on his shoulders "Me too Liam poo," I see him giggle at my words he grabs me and we start kissing.

Jessica!" I hear my little sis screaming "Oh my gosh duckling!! I missed you so much!" I said getting out of the pool gosh she has bad timing. "You've grown so much! I missed you!" I say giggling "I missed you too" she said jumping on me hugging me so tight "Is-is-is that Liam?" She chokes, I turn around and smile "Yes it's Liam" I state. Liam comes over to us and Ashley jumps on him "Hi Liam umm I am a big fan I love your songs you're really cute you smell like chocolate just like my sister why are you naked well I mean without a shirt?" "Umm hi cutie, Awh thanks, you're beautiful, and I smell like Jessica cause I was with her and cause Jessica likes me naked" he said and winked at me and I can't help but to blush "He's a liar Ashley!" I scream defending myself. 

I see Jay and Harry come in the backyard. "Why the hell are you guys covered with Mud?" I use my mom voice "Cause the kids they umm pushed us erm yeah." Harry said mumbling "He's a liar they started throwing mud at each other!" JJ raises her eyebrows. "Oh my gosh JJ!" I said running to her "You are wet." She whined "Oh well thank you I missed you a lot too" I said sarcastically. Now back to business I see Harry trying to sneak away "Hey mop where the hell do you think you are going?" I call out to him "Seriously another nick-name" he rolled his eyes "Yes. Now hose off before you make a bigger mess" I said crossing my arms.


I walk over to Jay "Why? Wait no I'm not even gonna ask just umm distract the kids I'm moving in with Liam so I'll explain everything later just distract them!" I mumble "Okay" Jay whispers. I head over to get my robe I didn't feel like going all the way upstairs. As I open the door I look up, Holy biscuits of mother petunia, what the hell are they doing here. "Hi baby what are you wearing?" my mom said "A robe.." I said softly "Why?" she asked "Cause I was in the pool...." I told my mom "Hey Cherry are you really bringing all of this over you sure you don't want to bring less clothes, Like I said I don't mind you not wearing any." Liam said messing around with me and pointing out my red hair. Holy nutcracker I am going to be grounded for eternity  *cough* I elbow Liam in the stomach so he'd stop talking "Mom umm this is umm erm my boyfriend Liam.." I looked at Liam he was only wearing a towel around his waist and please lord don't make it fall.


"What?! No you can't have a boyfriend you're only 17" my mom said surprised at what I told her "Exactly mom I'm 17 that's old enough." I yelled at her "Yeah I know it is, but your boyfriend is half naked! I have no clue if you have clothes under that robe. Your boyfriend has a stripper name for you and he wants less clothes on you, what the hell do you expect my reaction to be huh?" My mom screams at me I know I am going to die in a while. "Stop it Harry!" Jay screams running towards the door she gulped a bunch of saliva at the view of my mom "Hi Emily" she chokes. "Mom do I bring everything in?" I hear Kian scream "Jessica Jazmine get your boyfriends out of here like now before Kian kills them" My mom stated. Oh no I need to get Liam away before anything happens. I grab Liam and Harry's hand quickly running towards the backyard, they leave through the back door and I run to Jay and stand next to her.





Hey guys! Here's the new chapter hope you enjoy! The video is taking longer to make then expected..please be patient tho! Love you guys! Stay tuned for more!


Stay Beautiful





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