Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


20. Back to California




I'm sitting here checking my phone. Looking through some family pictures, I really miss them a lot. I want to go see them at home, I haven't been with them because of school and all that. Its been 10 months without seeing them, I really hope I'll get to see them and my friends soon. I look over at Jessica,  she's sitting next to me playing Angry Birds on her iPod. I poke her and she looks at me "Yeah?" she asks, "What are you doing?" I ask knowing the answer to her response. "You're really that bored aren't you?" she asks laughing. "Yeah, I am" I reply smiling really big, like a goof. She knows me too well. "Well what do you want to do?" she asks locking her iPod and putting it away, "I don't know, what can we do? We're on an airplane." I state. "Well we could play Truth or Dare." she says making the suggestion, "Yes!" I said a little bit too excited. Some people looked at me as if I was crazy, they were only the old people. I giggled at their reactions and turned back to Jessica, "You start" I said making a funny face. "Truth or Dare?" she asked looking at me, "Hmmm, Dare!" I replied smiling big, "I dare you too...slap Liam." she said smiling mischievously, "What?! Why?! He's sleeping see!" I point at Liam then look back at Jessica, "A dare is a dare" she said smirking.


"Fine" I replied sticking my tongue out at her, I look over her and see Liam sitting by the window. I lean over carefully smack Liam really softly on his face, I sit back normally on my chair and say "Done." "That wasn't a slap!" she said looking at me, "You didn't say to slap him hard! So I just slapped him softly" I said smiling cheekily. "You got me there.." she replied looking down. "Ok your turn! Truth or Dare?" I said looking "Both!" she said laughing, "You can't have both" I said giggling. "But I want them.." she said pouting, "You gotta pick one girlie" I said sticking my tongue out at her. "Dare" she said looking at me, "This is gonna be good." I start laughing and think, she looks at me worriedly, I finally think of one and say "Ok, I dare you to...get up and dance to Star ships in front of everyone in the middle of the aisle." I start giggling as she looks at me as if I was crazy, "What'd you say? Did I hear you right?" She said looking at me with her eyes widened. "You heard me, now go!" I said laughing. She got up and played the song on her iPod, she started dancing then came back quickly and sat down, "Thanks for that" she said sitting back down in her seat and buckling her belt. "Anytime" I said as I calmed down from all the laughter. 


A few hours later passed by, Liam and Harry woke up around  8 a.m. while Jessica and I were having a tickle fight, we both froze in our places when the boys woke up. "Strange girls, strange girls..." Liam said chuckling. "I agree" Harry said laughing. "Says the kid that tweets pointless things." I said looking at him, trying to hold back my laughter, "Haha so true!" Jessica said laughing, "She does have a point there mate" Liam said, "I try!" He said looking down and playing with his fingers, I start giggling and look over at Harry, I quickly hug him cause he seems sad, "Sorry" I whispered in his ear, "It's all better now!" he said hugging back. 


We play around for a while and just talk for the remaining hours left on the plane, we finally arrive. All of us get up and get our bags, we call Paul to come pick us up from the airport. It was loaded with fans, and just a bit of paparazzi. I lay down on the floor and take out my phone and start playing games on my phone, "Jazmine, what are you doing on the floor?" Jessica asked looking at me, "Playing a game, I just don't wanna stand up anymore, so here I am!" I replied looking up at her. "Lazy Jay" she said chuckling. "Jay?" Liam and Harry asked, "Yeah Jay, It's a nickname for Jazmine..Have you ever heard of it before?" Jessica said looking up at them, "Nope, only heard of Jazz or Jazzy" Liam said, "Same here" Harry said. "Well now you learned something new" I said looking up at both of them, I look back down at my phone and see I got a message from my cousin back at home and some of my best friends, I smile like an idiot at my phone and respond quickly. "You ok?" Jessica asked looking at me, I'm here smiling like an idiot at my phone.


"Huh? Oh yeah, I just got a message from Brooke, Hunter, Nina, and Ethan!" I said getting up from the floor, Jessica immediately looked at me and said "What did Ethan say?!" she was jumping up and down like a 5 year old. "He said for you to turn on your phone, you have it off silly" I said laughing at her reaction. "Who's Ethan?" Liam asked, "And who's Hunter?" Harry asked, they both looked at us seriously, their eyes staring at us intensely. "Ethan is my best friend and Hunter is Jay's best friend" Jessica replied waiting for her phone to turn on. "And Brooke?" Harry asked, "She's my cousin" I replied smiling like a goof. "What about Nina?" Liam asked, "My other bestie from home" "Oh" Liam and Harry said  looking down, I look over at Jessica and whisper "Are they Jealous?" "I think so.." she whispered back giggling. I just shook my head and smiled. "Don't be jealous boys!" I said laughing. They quickly shot their heads up and said "We're not jealous!" "Sure..." Jessica said laughing. Jessica and I start texting Hunter and Ethan for a while, Liam takes Jessica's phone away and Harry took mines, "Give them back!" I said trying to get my phone back. They started going through our phones being little snoops, Liam sees that Jessica has a whole album of pictures of Her and Ethan,with at least 500 pictures. Liam looks up at her and says "Do you like him?" "No, he's just one of my closest best friends, he's like a brother to me and of course I love him" Jessica said, Liam gives her her phone back and says "Ok". Harry starts going through my messages with Hunter and shows me the last one he sent me, It said:


From: Hunter

"Jay we need to catch up! Love you & miss you a lot! xx"


Harry looks at me and says "You need to catch up? When? What are you guys gonna do?" "Catch up about what has happened in the past month, and I'm not sure when and I don't know what we're gonna do." I replied taking my phone back. He just looks at me and shakes his head, I look over and see Paul trying to get our attention, "Paul's over there!" I said pointing at him, "Let's go!" Liam said.


We all head to where Paul is, "Leave the bags to me, just go to the van ok?" Paul said, "Alright" Harry answered. I look over at the door and see lots of people outside waiting for us. "I feel like I'm going to die.." Jessica said looking at everyone outside, "Me too..." I said heading for the door with everyone. The doors open and we take a step outside, fans started taking pictures, same with the paparazzi, some asked for autographs and pictures and the boys took as many pictures as they could with their fans. After a good 2 minutes we all headed to the van and got inside, Paul was already waiting for us inside. "Where to?" Paul asked, "My place please" Jessica said and everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Paul starts driving and all of us start talking and chatting. After 20 minutes of being in the car we arrive at Jessica's place, we get our stuff and head inside.


Here we are, Back at California.



A/N: Hey! Jay & Jess here, sorry if the chapter isn't long enough. Tried our best writing as much as I could. Next chapter tomorrow hopefully. Depends on our schedule... Anyways you see some new characters have been named, they will hopefully appear in the next episode. Love you guys! Thanks for all the reads, please comment we love feedback.


Hope you enjoyed the chapter, Love you guys.


Stay Beautiful



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