Little Things

This Fan Fic is about a girl named Jazmine.
She has a pretty good life untill things take a bad turn.
What will happen when she runs into one of the boys from One Direction?
Will she fall in love?
Will bad things happen in her future?
Stay tuned!


25. A Lot of Catching Up To Do


Jessica's P.O.V.


I sat in my seat talking to everyone, catching up on our way to my house. We constantly kept laughing from all the things we would tell each other. Before I was about to say something the van comes to a stop and Paul tells us that we're here. I smile real big as we all start getting out of the car, this is going to be a great few weeks.


After we all came into my place Ethan, Nina, Hunter, and Brooke stopped dead in their tracks. Their mouths made perfect "o" shapes as they looked around, I chuckled and said "Do you guys like it?" They all nodded as they kept looking, as if they've never seen a house before. "Close your mouths before you choke on a fly." Jay said walking over to the kitchen. They quickly closed their mouths and chuckles as I joined them as well. "Jess why didn't you tell us you lived in a mansion?!" Nina said looking at me, I smiled and said "It's pretty big you can say, just wait till you see Jay's place." I smiled and helped them with their luggage's and lead them to their own rooms. I left them to look around in their rooms and went downstairs to the living room to find Liam sitting on the couch on his phone.


I skipped over to him and sat down next to him and snuggled with him, "You okay love?" Liam said looking down at me, "Mhmm perfect" I grinned looking up at him. We stayed like that for a bit. After a while Nina and Brooke came downstairs and sat on the couch in front of us. "You guys are so cute together!" Brooke squealed with a smile on her face. I grinned and said "Thanks!" Liam just chuckled as we talked, Ethan and Hunter joined us after a while and sat with the girls on the couch. We started talking about school and our families until we heard a huge thud come from the kitchen. We all turned our heads to the kitchen where the thud came from. I was the first one up and to the kitchen with everyone following behind. When I entered the kitchen all I saw was whipped cream. Everywhere. I turn my head to the right to find the two that caused it, Jay and Harry each of them with a bottle of whipped cream in their hands. 


They were both covered with the cream. Their hair, clothes, faces, and the only part that hasn't been covered with the whipped cream are their piercing green eyes. They both dropped the cans and pointed at each other "He did it!" Jay said "No she did!" Harry said grinning defended himself, "I have a feeling you both did it" Liam said chuckling while taking a picture of them. I started laughing as I walked over to them and said "What caused you to do this?" I said trying to keep a straight face, which I failed at keeping. "Well we were going to make ice cream sundaes for everyone and then we just goofed off and yeah, It happened" Harry said hugging Jay from behind resting his head on her shoulder. Jay looked down and covered her face and she started laughing then she looked up at me and said "Sorry Jess, it won't happen again. Were gonna clean this up now" she said as she tried to stop her giggles. Harry nodded agreeing at what Jay said, "Alright, we'll let you two clean up. We'll be outside if you need us" I said before walking out to the backyard.


We all sat down on the grass in a circle. I sat next to Liam, next to me was Nina, next to Nina was Ethan, next to Ethan was Hunter and then next to Hunter was Brooke. We stayed quiet for a bit and then I decided to speak up, "So how's everything back at home?" I asked looking at Ethan and Nina. They both looked at me and Ethan said "It's good, just a bit different since you're not there.." "Yeah, everyone misses you tons!" Nina said looking at me making a pouty face. "I miss them too! I really wanna go back there for a bit." I said looking down. "Well you should! We can have like a little party or something" Ethan said grinning a little, "Actually Me and Jay have been discussing about going home for a bit." I said looking up at them. They all smiled, "Well when were you guys thinking of going back home?" Nina asked curiously. "Well I was still discussing that with Jazmine I said looking at them, "Alrighty" Nina said smiling.


Brooke, Nina, Hunter, and Ethan started asking Liam questions about what its like being famous and how does it feel like having all the fans and a bunch of other questions. I just sat there listening to how curious they all were. I really did miss having them around, like a piece of me left. But now its back. They all kept talking until it got quiet. It has been about an hour that we have all been out here, I wonder Harry and Jazmine are up to... I snapped out of my thoughts as Jay ran outside of the house looking for a spot to hide, then Harry came out. Jay quickly started running and screaming around the pool "HE'S GONNA GET ME!" Everyone quickly bursted out in laughter and we watched Harry chase Jay around the pool. Harry started slowing down, as Jay kept on running, she doesn't get tired easily but she runs real fast. She made her way over to us and sat between Hunter and Brooke, she held them both and said "Cover me, I don't think he'll be able to see me" we all kept laughing as Harry made his way over to her and quickly picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She started laughing and kept moving around so Harry would let her down but he wouldn't. "Please let me down Harry!" Jay begged, "Nope, not after what you did" Harry said shaking his head. "What did she do?" Brooke asked Harry, "She ate my cookie!" Harry pouted, "I was hungry!" Jay said. I giggled at how she was so worried thinking he was going to drop her, she was hugging his stomach not letting go at any moment. "But it was mine!" Harry said "I'll make you some if you please put me down" Jay said looking up at him. "Okay, but you have to make me two" He said, "Alright alright. I'll make you some later" she said. They're so cute together. He finally put her down and Jay ran off and sat down next to Brooke, and then Harry sat next to her. Jay looked at us and said "We've got a lot of catching up to do."




Hey there lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, it was just a little thing. Sorry if its not what you expected, hopefully a new one comes out tomorrow. Thanks for waiting, you guys are the best.

Comment below what you think, comments are really appreciated. I'll answer back! So yeah hope you have a lovely day. Thanks for reading.


Stay Beautiful



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