Love You Endlessly

Emma now lives in peace. She used to be bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. But, since he left to join the X-Factor, her life has never been better. Will all of that change? Or will the peace continue? (You should pick the first choice ;))


3. The News

"Aw, come on, Slendy! Can you be forgiving? I didn't mean to end up in your forest!" I say, freaking out over the game "Slender".


"Why doesn't he just kill you already?" Angie asks, huddling behind me.


The whole room was dark and spooky. Perfect place to play Slender, right? Nope. We're massively afraid of scary, jumpy-outy things.


"Because we're buds, right Slendy? You're gonna kill me, right- Oh! A page!" I say, falling deeper into the game.


At that point, I was walking into the denser part of the forest. The footsteps getting louder, the drummer getting louder, and the breathing coming from behind me getting louder. Wait- wha-


"Hey, honey-" The Slender man spins me around, and the his incredibly plain face shows up, scaring the living crap out of both of us. We scream the loudest we've ever screamed, and Angie ends up in the mini trash can beside my desk. "Woah, didn't mean to scare you!" My Aunt Jessie says, chuckling to herself.


"Holy crap, Slendy! Gah!" I say, holding my chest in horror. "Yes, Auntie?"


"So... About earlier..." she flicks on the light, and it burns holes into our heads where our eyes used to be. "I was talking to a man about you. He said he had a job offer for you."


"Really?! Doing what?" I ask, instantly intruiged.


"Being an assistant for a famous band. How does that sound?" she smiles.


I've always wanted to be an assistant for a famous band. It seems so fun! Well, that and a pro basketball player. But... Since that'll never happen, an assistant is the next best thing!


Plus, I could put it on a resemae, and it'll look GREAT! Stanford, here I come!


"Yes!!! Thank you so much!" I jump up, and squeeze her as tightly as I could.




Today's the big day! I'm meeting the band, all of the managers and stuff! Woohoo! But, one thing... I have to fly out to England. Crazy, right?! It's a British Boy Band! *screams in head*


"Call me if anything goes wrong, okay?" Auntie Jesse says while kissing me on the top of my head.


"Of course. Thank you so much! I'm going to miss you so much!" I hug her tightly, and walk towards the boarding station for the plane.


"Tell Triston I love him for me, when you get the chance!" she yells after me.


You see, Triston is 11 and is going to an all boy's boarding school up in England. I'll be able to see him a bunch while I'm up here with the band! I already have it planned: tomorrow I will surprise him at the school when it lets out.


I smile to myself, plug in my earbuds, and fall into a deep sleep.




I felt a soft poke on my shoulder, causing me to wake up. "Hmmm?" I ask, rubbing my eyes. It was a kind-looking flight attendant.


"Miss, the plane has landed," she said quietly, while smiling at me.


"Oh, thank you! Sorry..." I apologize, looking down, embarrassed.


"No problem, I hope you enjoyed your flight!" she smiles at me once more, and leaves through the back, I through the front.


The sun shines into my eyes, causing me to squint and stumble a bit. I suddenly get a text from my Aunt: 'Look for a man in a suit with a sign that says Miss Gates'


I smile, and do as told. I scan the crowd, and suddenly find the man. He rather large, and behind him is a black van. But the guy isnt what caught my attention, it was the massive crowd of girls screaming and clawing their way at the van.


Wow. I thought. Crazy people. I slowly walk closer. "Are you Miss Gates?" the man kindly asks.


I nod, and smile encouragely toward him.


"ID." he orders.


Well, alrighty then! I pull out my ID, and his face gets much brighter. "Well, welcome, Miss Gates! The boys and I are fully looking towards your assisting!"


"Well, thank you!" I say, blushing.


He gently grabs my elbow and guides me towards the van. He pushes through the crowd, sheilding me, and opens the door for me. I jump in, and immediately am met with five pairs of gorgeous eyes.


It takes a minute for my eyes to adjust to the light, but when they did... I wish they hadn't.


Oh, boy. It was One Direction.... Which means-


"No way... Emma Gates?!" Harry exclaims, crossing his arms and smirking.


Aw, crap.

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