Love You Endlessly

Emma now lives in peace. She used to be bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. But, since he left to join the X-Factor, her life has never been better. Will all of that change? Or will the peace continue? (You should pick the first choice ;))


2. Present Day

That was my life BEFORE Harry left to join the Xfactor. Now, I'm perfectly fine. Nobody bullies me anymore, and it's very peaceful in the halls. I still only have my one friend, but she's the only one who wasn't hurting me in the hallways before Harry left.


"Hurry up, Emma!" Angie yelled across the parking lot. "We're going to be late for class!"


"Calm your butt, Ang! We've got time!" Just then, the late bell rang.


"EMMA!" Angie absolutely hates being late for class. So now, I'm going to be shunned for the rest of the day... Oh, joy.


"Ang... Ang! Please talk to me! Pwease!" I beg, holding onto her arm.


School's over now, and we're walking to my house. She still hasn't said a word to me yet. I've been begging for the whole day, she hasn't given in.


"ANGIE!" I scream in her ear.


"AH! What the crap, Em?! Ow!" Angie yells, holding her ears.


"Hey... You talked to me! Yay!"


We both laugh, and continue to skip to my house. For your information, I'm a regular girl. I have regular hair, and a regular style. If you dont exactly know what regular is, I'll explain it further: I wear converse or vans. I wear T-shirts, V-necks, and sweaters. I wear normal jeans, and shorts. I let my hair do whatever it wants to do... But I never EVER wear skirts. Dresses, I can do if I need to. Skirts? No.


Angie is the same, but she'll wear skirts, but not super short ones.


"Hey! My aunt's home! yay!" I cheer as I run into my house. "Auntie! I'm home!"


We run throughout the whole house, but couldn't find her anywhere. That's when I hear the sound of her voice coming from a... Closet? I walk over, and open the door. Sure enough, she's in there... And talking on the phone with someone.


I tilt my head, confused. "Oh, hi..." she says, chuckling uncomfortably. "I'm just... having a private conversation with somebody, honey."


I nod, and close the door again. "Your aunt is a weirdo," Ang says, laughing.


"Tell me about it!"

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