Love You Endlessly

Emma now lives in peace. She used to be bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. But, since he left to join the X-Factor, her life has never been better. Will all of that change? Or will the peace continue? (You should pick the first choice ;))


4. Game On

"H-hello.... Harry." I said, looking away from him.


My shame of myself returning to my brain. Just the look he gave me made me feel like scum. How does a look do that to a person?! I just don't understand!


"You two know each other?" I heard Louis ask, looking surprised.


"Yeah. This girl went to my school," Harry explained.


"Were you two close?" Liam asked, scooter farther onto his seat, intruiged. "'Cause that would be awesome!"


"Yeah, all of the stories you guys could tell us!" Niall chirped in, excited.


"Uh... No," Harry said, leaning back in his seat. "We never really talked."


Lie. I thought. Of course he would lie to them, he's a 'sweetheart'. I nod, and look down at my feet.


"What's wrong, Emma?" Harry asks, clearly happy with my uncomfortableness. "You feeling well?"


The sadness that was inside me bubbled up into anger. Just the fact that he knew what I felt, and what I was thinking, and was lieing about everything that happened in the past to his new mates. "Actually," I said, perking up. "I was just a bit uneasy about the flight- I'm not so good with hights." I told them.


"Oh, really. Well, sorry, love." Liam apologized.


"It's fine, really. I'm just glad to be on the ground!" I chuckle, and glare at Harry.


I could see he was confused. Why isn't she scared? Is probably what he's asking himself. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and looks out the window. HA! My new-found awesomeness must be making him uncomfortable!


"It's jolly good to meet you, Emma." Louis adds, shaking my hand.


Everyone agrees and shakes my hand. But when I shake Harry's, he glares playfully at me and mouths, "Fine, then."


Wait, what? I don't get it. I'm so confused right now, but at that moment, Harry finally speaks up. "You know, I remember one time when Emma was running through the halls, with a thong on her head."


The boys' eyes widen, and Niall bursts out laughing. "Heh-heh..." I say, glaring at Harry. "It was a dare, I had to do it."


"Oh, really? And you just had to wear a leotard to school the next day? But I thought you said you were going through a weird stage in your life-"


"No. I never said that, Harry. Obviously you heard wrong."


"Oh, really. Well, how are you parents? I hear they're perfectly fine! Did I hear that wrong, too?" he asks, smirking at me.


My throat tightens, as I fight back the urge to lash out at him- or cry. "N- no... They're... You know what? What about your girlfriend back at home? Hmm... Angel? How is she?"


"Angel?" Louis asks. "Who in the world is Angel?"


Harry looks from Louis to me, and back to Louis. Ha! I got him this time! You see, when Harry left, he was dating the WORST girl in the whole entire world. She was that sterotypical cheerleader: beach blonde, fake hair. Orange skin, and a fake chest. Wore clothes that were five sizes too small for her... You know what I mean.


Well, before he left, they had... You know what... And he promised to come back, and they'll be together forever, and whatnot. She still hasn't gave up on him, it's sad, actually...


"Oh... So you just... Forgot about the 'Love of your Life'?" I asks, crossing my arms in front of my chest.


"Love of your life?!" the boys aksed in unison.


"Heh-heh..." Harry chuckled nervously. "It's been a while since I heard her name... Uh... I used to date her, but I don't now."


"Well, you seriously forgot something really important, then." I told him, smirking.


"Oh, yeah? What?"


"To break up with her!"


"WHAT?!" Louis screamed. "You forgot to break up with her?! What the crap, Harry!"


"I forgot!!!! Sorry!" Harry yelled back.


I smirked, because I won. Suddenly, the van stopped, and the door swung open. "Welcome to the Hotel, Miss Gates!" the security guard told me, helping the guys out, then me.


"You know what..." I heard Harry whisper in my ear.


"What?" I asked back.


"Game on,"

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