Love You Endlessly

Emma now lives in peace. She used to be bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. But, since he left to join the X-Factor, her life has never been better. Will all of that change? Or will the peace continue? (You should pick the first choice ;))


7. Competition :)



woah! I'll chill. Gosh, be that way! :P


Anywho, I've been thinking about my story... I NEED CHARACTERS!!!


Here are the characters needed:

~ Louis' bestfriend.

~Liam's girlfriend

~Liam's bestfriend

~Zayn's girlfriend

~Zayn's bestfriend

~Niall's girlfriend

~Niall's bestfriend.


I know, a buttload (Nemo talk) off characters needed. Well, yeah. Here's what you need to tell me for info on the character!:


~who you want to be (i.e. Liam's girlfriend)

~your name

~eye color

~hair color

~hair type


~and anything else you wanna tell me about the character!


So, here's how it's gonna work. Comment on this story with the stuff (brain fart. can't think of name for it), I will wait about a week. And then all of the people who have submitted will be put in a category (the person you want to be) and I will randomly pick a person for each!


Yay! Woo! Okay, I need to go, and calm down! Remember: YOU HAVE A WEEK!


Here's the starting date: Now (12/22/12)

Here's the ending date: A week from now (12/29/12 AKA. New Year's Eve's Eve)!!!!


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