Our Hideout

We've been best friends since pre-school. I've liked you since then. There's this little spot we've gone to since we were little. You've promised me that you would never bring anyone here. Its a lake were we always keep our secrets and our promises. You left me once, but came back into my life again. You told me the news that you are moving but something bad has happened. You can't just leave me alone, You to lye in a mysterious adventure.


8. Zach.

Hello fello people! xx


"What the hell is this?" Zayn waved the notes in front of my face.


"Notes.." I continued on.


"Why the fuck were you hiding this from me?" He cursed and seemed pissed. One he finished what he was saying zayn's mum walked in the door.


"If I hear you yelling in the damn house to a girl again i'm kicking you out and not taking you to paris with me." I was shocked and slightly embarrased.


'Sorry mum..'


"You shouldn't tell me sorry." She looked at me and had that 'im sorry' look.


She left zayn and I in his room completely silent. I was looking around his room pretending not to mind him.


"Look Andrea, I'm sorry. I just th-" I cut him off.


"No, its fine. I'll just leave so I don't piss you off more." I stormed out of his room, I trampled along the stairs tears already reaching my chin. I wiped it off and said goodbye to zayn's mum.


I was walking around bradford trying to figure out where to go and what to do. The first thing that poped up into my head was the lake, I walked around the lake and actually found a spot where to rest and to be alone. 


"Excuse me are you alright?" A guy with greenish eyes and long hair tapped my shoulder.


"Y-yeah." I sluttered.


"Doesn't seem like it.." he looked into my eyes and made that 'whats wrong' look.


"Boyfriend problems." When i started with boyfriend he already seemed blown off.


"Ohh, i'm sorry about that. Well, my name is Zach. yours?" He reached out his hand.


"Andrea." I took in my hand and smiled at him.


Zach and I got along pretty quickly, both of us tagged along with a bunch of people at a tea shop. I ended up getting a yorkshire tea along with him. After we walked back to the lake and I spotted zayn throwing rocks in there. I told zach to wait near the bush and wait til I could tell him its okay to come out. 




"Andrea! Where have you been? Are you alright?" He kept throwing questions at me which made me feel a bit iffy.


"I'm alright and I was with a friend of mine, well hes new. His names zach." I smiled and as he walked towards us, I felt zayn tense up. 


"Hi zayn." Zach greeted zayn by giving him a handshake.


"Zach I'll meet up with you sometime this week just stop by around here anytime! Zayn and I gotta fix things." He nodded and walked away.


"Why were you with him?" He quickly asked, I already assumed he was jealous.


"Don't even fucking start zayn."


"Fine, now what the hell are these notes?"


"Wait, First of all why did you snoop through my personal things. Second I was going to tell you. And third your weren't suppose to know otherwise there are some consequences." 


'I could protect you, you know that."


"All the way from Paris, Your leaving zayn.."


"I'm gonna sell my ticket. I'll do anything to protect you damn it."



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