Our Hideout

We've been best friends since pre-school. I've liked you since then. There's this little spot we've gone to since we were little. You've promised me that you would never bring anyone here. Its a lake were we always keep our secrets and our promises. You left me once, but came back into my life again. You told me the news that you are moving but something bad has happened. You can't just leave me alone, You to lye in a mysterious adventure.


1. Our Friendship will last forever.

Andrea's p.o.v


When I first met him, we were little kids. Just ordinary kids. It was my first day  in elementary school and I had no friends. I was lonely going to class with out a friend talking to me. When the bell rang for recess I grabbed my lunch pale to reach for a snack. I sat down on the tables alone eating gummy bears, until some boy asked me

"Can I have one?" He asked giving me a smile. He seemed like a sweet boy. He had long black slick hair and he was wearing black suspenders.

"Yeah sure, but no the red ones there my favorite!" I said handing him the bowl of gummy bears.

"My names Zayn by the way,Wanna come to my hideout?" He asked.

"Yeah sure! My names Andrea" I smiled giving him a handshake.

When we reached the Lake all he did was introduce me to the things surrounding it. It was nice. I liked it more than anything. 

"Hey were late for class, LETS GOOO!" I said tugging on his arm.

"Wait, wait! Promise not to bring anyone here but me. Its only a secret between you & I." He said.

"Pinky promise?" I said pulling out my pinky.

He wrapped his pinky around mine and with that, we made it into class right back in time by running our asses off.

Just that one question changed my whole life. Zayn has been my best friend since then. Nothing more, nothing less. We've been going to that hideout since then and its a small lake nearby our old school. The lake was soothing, you would hear animals and insects making noises peacefully. If we had problems or promises we needed to tell each other stuff we'd go there. It was our little hideout. My mum&dad have been going through so much issues, its been stressful around the house and I've been going to the lake alone since Zayn was probably busy. I've been going there lately because home was to loud to study in. I haven't told him anything since then, I actually hadn't had the chance to talk to him. We are now seniors in high school, everything has been a disaster. The homework for school and balancing my time with Zayn. Actually, I really don't know where he's been... Hmm. 





Hope you guys liked the first chapter so far! There will be more to come! xx comment, favorite, like, share, etc. love you guys!


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