Our Hideout

We've been best friends since pre-school. I've liked you since then. There's this little spot we've gone to since we were little. You've promised me that you would never bring anyone here. Its a lake were we always keep our secrets and our promises. You left me once, but came back into my life again. You told me the news that you are moving but something bad has happened. You can't just leave me alone, You to lye in a mysterious adventure.


5. Going home.

Zayn and Andrea went off to get coffee as they left the lake. London was always busy filling the streets with cars beeping and going off as the pedestrians j walk the streets. They entered a coffee shop and ordered coffee. Zayn ordered black strong coffee and she ordered peppermint frappucino. They sat down having a lovely conversation, by the time it was 4 she had to get back home to see her mum. "Babe I gotta go see you whenever, I'll be at the lake around 7 or 8. Bye." She leaves kissing zayn. "Bye love, be safe." He said as he waved goodbye. Andrea walked back home and opened the door By jamming the keys into it.As she walks in it continues to smell like a sewer. "Mum?" She whispers. Andrea drops her keys on the coffee table and continues to walk to the kitchen as the floor squeaks. "Mum??" She repeats again. In front of her laid a dead body leaning against the kitchen stove, dripping blood on her stomach. Her eyes begin to widen in shock, she felt her adrenaline rush. "Mum! Mum! Wake up." Andrea yells running up to her, she felt her pulse but nothing. She started to sob as she reminisced her times with her mum as a kid. Things started getting rough as her dad started going out with his friends, and as her mum started smoking which led to drugs again. That's when she started going out to the lake. She stopped crying and walked around the house wandering where her dad went. There was no sign of him so she went into the bathroom and showered. The hot mist relaxed her muscles and help her calm down from the lack of stress. She had slipped on a blouse and black leggings with a pea coat topped off with boots. That was the last outfit she had a afforded since they gone broke because of paying rent for the house. After she finished getting ready, she packed a blanket and other belongings. The front door opened and the smell of beer roamed around the house, she fast zipped the bag and escaped through the back way. "AND-D-RE-EA?" He choked out. She glanced at him and shot her father a frightened look. She took off and sprinted her way to the Lake as fast as she could. As she reached the Lake she took a deep breath and sat by a tree and laid her back against it. She tried resting her palms on the tree but then she felt a piece of paper, it was crumpled and there was a message. The message wrote "Andrea my dear, this isn't just your ordinary hideout that you shared with zayn. I was once with Zayn at the time when you guys lost contact, he shared it with me. That little pinky promise you kept with Zayn didn't last long. Hope you enjoy staying there tonight xoxo sleep well Andrea." As she read it she began to feel a sudden presence around her trying to keep her away from Zayn. The bush rattled and drop began to bounce upon her head which was from the tree. Leafs started crunching from behind, "Hey baby!" Zayn smiled. Andrea kissed him on the cheek and crumpled the note and into her pocket. "Hi babe." She said bluntly. "How did seeing your mum and dad go?" He said trying to fix up the tent. "My mum... She was killed by my father. My father tried to get my attention at home but right when I saw him I was terrified and I escaped through the backside of my room." Andrea explained. "I'm sorry babe, Is there anything I could do? Are you alright? Are you hurt? Wheres your mum?" He asked taking her hand. "I'm fine, its just my mum I'm sad about. My father has gone through a lot and this was way worst. I just don't know what to do." She sobbed onto him as he held her. "I'm going to call the cops, stay there and I'll make a quick phone call. Whats the address to your house? It's still the same right?" He asked getting up. She nods and quickly wipes off the tears flowing. Zayn makes a quick phone call and ends it. "Thank you babe." Andrea half smiles. "No problemo." He smiles. They both fix up the tent together and begin to start a fire. "Baby! We need more wood!" Andrea yells. "Don't worry I have more!" Zayn chuckled. It was getting a bit dark but it didn't stop both of them from staying up at night snuggling next to the fire, sharing stories and watching the stars. "Babe?" She says. "Yes baby?" He smiles. "Who were the girls that you dated? I'm just curious, I'm not mad or anything." She smiles trying to fake it. "Well from middle school to now, Janica, Jessica, Molly, Ayleen, Erin, and Marissa." He said blowing out the fire. She nods and helps to put out the fire. "Time for bed?" She smiles. "I think so!" Andrea gets in the tent first to change into her cute pjs. Then Zayn changes into boxers and shirtless. They both fix the bed and head to sleepy bye. "Goodnight beautiful." "Goodnight cutie" They kiss each other goodnight. Andrea moves to the opposite direction of Zayn and begins to worry, she grabs the jeans she wore today and pulled out the piece of paper that she read. Andrea scanned the message continuesly. There was a loud thud which scared her, she pulled the blanked close to her and cuddled with Zayn. 


The next morning, Andrea woke up to sudden pain on her left arm. She pulled up her bloody sleeve and found a long deep cut in her skin. She panicked hopelessly, as she sat up a note fell off her body. The note read "Like the present I gave you? Hope you could take the pain as much as Zayn will be moving to Paris." There was a enormous bandage taped on it. She ripped it out carefully, carefully not to rip out the message onto the piece of tape. Andrea precisely unzipped the tent open then closed it. She ran out of the tent to rinse the cut on her arm, then she placed on the bandage. Zayn was awoken by Andrea crying. He unzipped the tent carefully and fluttered his eyes open to see her crying. He walked over to her and asked "Babe whats wrong?" "I-I j-jus-s-t m-i-is-s m-my m-mm-mum." "Don't worry babe, shes in a better place. She's probably looking over at you right now." Andrea lied. She just didn't want to tell Zayn just yet, because if she did then it'll just make things really hard for as it is right now. "Now lets just eat some breakfast and I'll make this day fun for the both of us just so you could forget about possibly anything in the world that is bothering you." He smiled taking her hand. They ate breakfast and had a lovely conversation about the positive things in life to cheer her up. Andrea faked the smiles to make zayn happy and to make him seem like she is okay, but in the inside shes hurt, lost, and scared. After breakfast "Babe have you seen my earring, its the black diamond?" Zayn asked getting ready. "No sorry." He scanned his eyes on the floor but didn't find anything. He carried Andrea and scanned the floor again. "Babe put me down!" She giggled. "NO!" He laughed. Her arm was hurting like crazy because of the cut. As soon as Zayn let her down he noticed blood placed onto the palm of his hand.


Hope you guys liked it! Sorry its been taking time to update! Anyways can you guys please follow @_1dorgasm on Instagram? I post imagines and updated/throwback pictures of the boys! I'd really appreciate it! xx :)

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