Our Hideout

We've been best friends since pre-school. I've liked you since then. There's this little spot we've gone to since we were little. You've promised me that you would never bring anyone here. Its a lake were we always keep our secrets and our promises. You left me once, but came back into my life again. You told me the news that you are moving but something bad has happened. You can't just leave me alone, You to lye in a mysterious adventure.


7. Family.

Sorry for not updating for awhile oh my gosh! Sorry lovlies. hopefully your guys are not mad at me anyways, i'll let y'all read. Ill try updating xx.



I quickly made my way out the door slamming it behind me. I had already called a cab and was already in front of the flat. I was driven to zayn's house. As i got out i paid the mad 10 pounds, I inhaled air and looked up at the flat. I rung the bell and patiently waited. The knob turned, as the door opened I was frightened. 


"Andrea?" Ms. Malik hasn't changed at all, every time she'd see me her face would light up like a Christmas tree. 


"Hi." I went for a hug and was pulled into the house.


"Zayn!" She yelled out.


"Mum I coming, whose at the door?" He said fixing up his hair.


"Andrea, who else would it be? Your father?" She sarcastically smiled.


"So whose up for dinner?" 




I helped set up the table and as we gathered all the food on the table, zayn's sisters joined us. I've always been close to them, especially Doniya. We all sat in peace eating filled with laughter in the dinner table. As I finished my meal I got the chance to speak to Ms. Malik with Zayn. The rest of the girls were upstairs getting ready for bed. 


"So how are your parents?" 


"My mum recently died, erm my father has been beating my mum. And I know that he wouldn't do such a thing." I was silent after,i looked down facing the floor as I felt the droplets of tears form. 


"I'm sorry for your loss, Your mother and I have been so close, and i wouldn't think that she would end up like this... And your father, I'm sorry." she could barely talk, i felt her coming towards me trying to reach out. 


"I-its fine." I whimpered. 


"Feel free to move in with us when ever you like." I smiled through my tears, i embraced her as she rubbed my back. 


As the night ended, I've spoken with zayn. It wasn't a good kind of conversation. He found the notes.

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