Our Hideout

We've been best friends since pre-school. I've liked you since then. There's this little spot we've gone to since we were little. You've promised me that you would never bring anyone here. Its a lake were we always keep our secrets and our promises. You left me once, but came back into my life again. You told me the news that you are moving but something bad has happened. You can't just leave me alone, You to lye in a mysterious adventure.


9. Back and fourth we fight.

"Yeah you thing your mum would let you zayn? Just go to Paris alright. I'll deal with this, you need to quit bugging me about this okay. I can handle this just leave." I was already breaking down on the inside, i felt like my heart broke into pieces piercing into my stomach giving me a weird feeling.


"Deal with it? You think you could do this on your own? Your crazy, you can't even handle your mum so what makes you think you could do this on your own?" He pulled out the notes trying to make me feel guilty.


"Like you can handle your dad leaving?" I fought back.


"Your worst than me okay, You probably can't handle getting cut,punched,or shot so shut up and listen to me." He took the crook of my neck and wrapped his strong hands and held me. This time I was quiet.


"Your gonna listen to me alright." I was quiet, and nothing came out my mouth. He finally let go and let me speak.


"I don't even know who you are anymore, this isn't the zayn I grew up with. Fuck you." Tears flooded my cheeks as soon as he gave me attitude talking to me like that. I don't even know whats going on with him, and with that I left him. Running through the streets beeps being sent to me as I ran across the street. I didn't care at all, I just need to go.


Zayn's p.o.v


There she left, finally her stupid ass left me. At the same time I feel bad for hurting her, she means a lot but I just have to act like I hate her for now so it seems like I actually do. I do know who is sending her these notes, but I could never spill the secret. I'm doing work for the person and actually working with zach so I could protect her. I know it sounds really stupid but its true, I'm not just gonna leave her here. It's already too much for her to deal with and plus, I've already talked to my mum about this, but she said i'll have to go either way later in the year. 


Andrea's p.o.v


Once I stopped running, I walked to an alley that was empty and dark. It had dirty looking piles of trash, but I just roamed around there because I know no one would be in here. I catched my breathe and just felt safe just being in here. Then again zayn, I just don't know why he started acting so rude. He acted like I was stupid or something, Or maybe it was this side of him I never knew about him. I looked down to see my shoes untie, so i bent down and tied them. Once i tried finishing the last step, I felt someones presence behind me. 

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