Catch Me (One Direction Fan Fic)

Nora Reynolds, the pretty,smart,funny,and popular girl. Always getting what she wants. No matter what all she talks about is One Direction. And when she's not talking about them, she is talking about me. Hunter Reid, A.k.a the girl who tries to hard... Ever since 6th grade she has bullied me, called me names, and killed my self-esteem. Of course she wouldn't do it if he found out that I can make her dreams come true... Oh I forgot to tell you, One Direction and I are really close, how's that for crushing her dreams...


1. Girl Next Door

*This is a message lettting everyone know that this is my first time writing and I really am not good at it. Be honest with me please and tell me whatever I need to change or add or even take away. I will try very hard to write every week and have long chapters... But for now, just read*

                      Opening the front door to the smell of smoke and alcohol... Great, even thought it sounds horrible, this is my favorite part of the day. To get away from Nora and her little Barbie Peasents. See at my school Nora is a plastic. A plastic? Yeah a plastic. A term usually used for people (like Nora) who are popular for no apparent reason. I rolled my eyes as I walked up the carpeted stairs stained with the stench of Gin And Tonic. When I think about it, what doesn't smell like alcohol. I shut my door to my poorly designed and small fitted room, and sat on my bed. I sank down like usual due to the fact a blow up was filling in for my matress. My eyes pondered to my old wood desk. I got up and  the "matress" filled back up with air. Every step I made the floor creaked, but since my room was so small three step would get me there. I looked in the mirror and then at the dirty mirror. Staring at the bruise high on my left checkbone, my 4 year old phone buzzed and repeated the process a couple of times. After hesitating a while I picked up the cold rectangular object and opened it hearing the creak as the hinges turned. From: HaZZa "Hey Hunter, Are you in the mood for some awesome candy and kettle popcorn?" I smiled and chuclked slighty knowing it didn't deserve a full on laugh. "Sure thang, chicken wing...." I replied. I didn't bother covering up my bruise that Nora gave me. Harry and the boys knew all about my problems. I walked down stairs keeping my nose from breathing in air. I jumped on the last step landing on both fragile feet. Before I left I sprayed some perfume and fixed my hair. Opening the door I could see Nora walking out of her house with her Barbie's at the same time all wearing tight 1D clothes. See the reason I don't understand we hate each other... is because were next door neighboors....


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