Famous Life

A girl name Sarah is best friends with ED Sheeran, owns a restaurant, owns a club, and is a model. What happens when Ed introduces her to some of his friend. Will disaster break loose or will there be romance blooming.


3. the house

Sarah P.O.V

boys are you hungry, I screamed.

I am, Niall screamed.

me too, ed said.

what do you want, I said

how about pizza, Niall said.

ok, but you have to help me make the dough, I said.

you know how to cook, I thought you were just going to order them, Niall said.

Yea thats why She owns 10 restaurants ED said in sacarsim.

I didnt know she owned restaurants, Niall said.

anyway come on, I got out the flour, baking soda, salt, eggs. Hand me the mixing bowl Nialley. Nialley? yea Nialley thanks. I feel something crack on my head and yellow stuff is running down my face. You are on I said while throwing flower at him, thats all you got he said. Niall please dont,I said. too late he says while putting the bucket of water over my head. Omgs I say while throwing eggs on him. We look at the disaster we made then start laughing. Sarah you shure do know how to have a good time, Niall said. Your not so bad yourself, I said. I end up staring at his eyes then we both lean in to kiss fireworks were exploding threw my body. Wow Niall said. We turn to see the boys staring at us with grins on their faces. Were just going to order the pizza, I say. We played truth or dare ran around the house then fell asleep.




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