Famous Life

A girl name Sarah is best friends with ED Sheeran, owns a restaurant, owns a club, and is a model. What happens when Ed introduces her to some of his friend. Will disaster break loose or will there be romance blooming.


4. Mistakes

Harry P.O.V.

Simon called me and told me to tell the boys that were going on a vacation with him. We said goodbye to Sarah and Ed then packed for the Dominican Republic. Niall ofcourse didn't want to leave he claimed he was starting to get sick, but ofcourse we know that he didn't want to leave Sarah because he fancies her. The boys said goodbye to their girlfriends and we headed out for out trip. We are going to be in the Dominican Republic for two weeks but most of the boys are sad because they had to leave their girlfriends and wanna be girlfriends*sarah is Nialls wanna be girlfriend*but me being me im going make this the best time of our lives. Around the second week on Wednesday me and the boys went out to the club, Niall got so drunk he and this girl "hooked up". Niall is praying that Sarah doesn't find out because he truly does care for her.

Sarah P.O.V.

+The same time when the boys left+ When the boys left I was busy non stop Im Going to New York to do some photoshoots. When I arrive at the airport the paparrazi start asking me questions and the only one that I actually listen to is when they said, Did Niall tell you about his one night stand. I Literally Froze, Niall wouldn't do this to me or would he, maybe he insnt  the person I thought he was. The first thing I do is Look up Nialls Newest One Night Stand and there it was the picture of them kissing, I cant believe I thought he ever liked me I obliviously thought wrong.+time skip+ I left the airport and went to me and Eds house and was ready to go to the bed. When I got to our house I ran up to ed and jumped on him and said hi to Alice {his girlfriend}we were talking and in came Niall and the rest of the band. I immediately got up said Hi to the boys then ran upstairs rite when I closed my door someone knocked on my door>......................Who is it ? Harry, Ed, Zayn Niall, Liam Or Louis, Alice

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