Famous Life

A girl name Sarah is best friends with ED Sheeran, owns a restaurant, owns a club, and is a model. What happens when Ed introduces her to some of his friend. Will disaster break loose or will there be romance blooming.


2. Eds Party

 are you coming to my album release party, Ed screamed.

Maybe, what time is it because I have 4 interviews, and 2 photoshoots, and I have to check on the club,I said.

Its at 8:00pm at the Caralovo Hotel, Ed said.

Ok Ill try to make it, but theres no promises, I said.

i put on this outfit  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63124668

I go to Starbucks and order me a strawberry frapp, and oatmeal. I turn to see this gorgeous boy with blue eyes and blonde and brown hair. I didn't realize I  was staring till he said, Take a picture it'll last longer. Omgs Im  so sorry, I said. Then I ran out of there. I had a couple of interviews and they asked basically the same stuff, hows my model career doing, hows my restaurants, and club. I did my photohoots pretty quickly I may be able to Ed's release party, but im going to surprise him. I went back home and he wasn't there wish was a good thing, I blasted Drunk Again all around our house. I went in my walk in closet and was trying to decide what I was going to wear. I decided on my red and black dress, and my black ankle heels, and a smokey eye for my makeup. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=63125616  [TIME SKIP] I pull up to the Caralovo Hotel, and when I walk in I see Ed talking to some boys so I hug him from behind and say surprise.

Ed P.O.V

I thought you weren't going to  be able to make it, I said. Well I got everything done extra early so I can surprise you, Sarah said. This is the best surprise ever thank you so much Sarah, I said. Your going to make me cry and I didn't even give you your present yet, Sarah said. What, I said while  she was handing me a blue box. Happy Album Release party, she said. I opened up the box it was a Rolex watch. Sarah you didn't have to get me this, I said. I wanted to, to thank you for being the best friend ever over the years, Sarah said. How can you afford a Rolex, Zayn said. I'm sorry but who are you, Sarah said. Im Zayn from One Direction, Zayn said. Ohh well nice to meet you I'm guessing your one of Ed's friend, Sarah said. Yea more like best,Zayn said. Thats funny because he never talks about you Sarah said while turning to face me. I didn't tell you because you where going threw stuff, I said. Okay, she said. These are my friends slash band mates, Zayn said while pointing to the other boys in the circle.I'm Harry the curly haired boy said. Im Liam the one with a shaved head said. I'm Louis the one with stripes said. Lastly I'm Niall, the boy from Starbucks said. Wait aren't you the girl from Starbucks Niall said. Yea I said while blushing Im probably bright pink by now. What happened at Starbucks, I said. Nothing bad Ed she was just staring at me, then I said something about it then she ran out, Niall said. Oh, your the girl Niall was talking about all day, Harry said. I guess Im that girl, I said sounding confused. Its okay I didnt say  anything bad Sarah, Niall said. I sure hope not I said while laughing. You boys should come back to our place after this Its going to be fun, Sarah said. Sure the boys said. Well see you later boys, she said and kissed us all on out cheeks. Then disappeared threw the crowd. So do you like Sarah I said, now facing the boys. Do I like I love Sarah Niall said while blushing. Ohh someone has a crush, I said. Maybe, Niall said. She's hard to date like the past few years relationship wise were crazy and shes been threw a lot. So be careful, I said. Why was it so crazy for her Niall said. If she opens up to you that means she likes you I cant tell you because its her secret to tell. After a few more hours We all drove back to me and Sarah's House.


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