Another World Away

This is the sequel to "He's got that one thing."
-They finally let their feelings get the best of them, and now are on their way to Canada, and they can live happily ever after......right?
Will this be a story proving long distance really can work out? Or will it show that maybe love is nothing compared to love.


5. Surprise, Surprise

Carsyn's P.O.V

I walked through the door to the hotel room, to see Louis all dressed up, holding a single pink rose. 

"Red's just to mainstream." He smirked at me, and handed me my flower. I smiled back at him, and we walked to Harry's room to let him know we were leaving the hotel. 

"Harold! We're going now! Tell the other's, we will see them tomorrow!" And with that, he whisked me away. I was expecting to be escorted to the same black SUV we had been in so many times before, but no. It was a white car SUV, with flowers leading up to it. 

"White? Why? Because black is to mainstream?" I mocked his sass from earlier, and earned a chuckle and an eye roll from him. 

"No. White, because the fans already know we take the black SUV's everywhere, unless we take the cabs. This will be unnoticed for at least a little while." I clicked my tongue in understanding, and hopped into the passenger seat. "You look beautiful by the way Carsyn." His eyes met mine, and we just sat there staring at each other. His hand found mine in my lap, and he drove out of the space. "Turn on the radio, will ya?" I nodded, and turned the switch on the radio, and his voice took over the speakers.

"If I don't say this now, I will surely break" I smiled to myself, knowing that his cover of 'The Fray's ' "Look after you" being played was no accident. I heard him singing along, and rubbing soft circle into the skin on my hands, I'm glad it was dark and that he couldn't notice the blush which was starting to form on my cheeks. "be my baby, and I'll look after you. I unbuckled my seat belt, and scooted even closer to him, resting my head n the crook of his neck, and listened as he whispered the sweet lyrics into my ear, intertwining our fingers together. 

Once I felt the car come to a stop, I looked out the window and marveled in the sight before me. We were somewhere pretty secluded, and then I began to feel sad. 

"Louis, their closed. No one's here." He smirked that half smirk of his, before pulling me towards the door. He knocked twice on the glass, and a lady in her 50's appeared at the door. 

"Reservation for Peter Pan." He winked at me, and I just rolled my eyes. Typical Louis. The lady let us in, and brought us to the back of the restaurant, and out the doors, showing off a dimly lit balcony with soft music playing in the background, and it was just like a scene from a movie. 

"Your server will be right with you." And then she walked away.

I slapped Louis playfully on the arm, and watched his eyes bulge out of his head.  

"What was that for!?" I just smiled at him, and rolled my eyes. 

"For being too sweet. Your going to give me cavity Tomlinson!" He just chuckled, and leaned back in hsi chair, being extra sassy. 

"And your about as cheesy as a wheel of cheese." I snorted, and rolled my eyes at him. His eyes found mine, and we just searched each others blue pools for about 5 minutes until the server came. 

"Hello, I'm John, I will be your server tonight, I recommend the house wine, it's a softer, more fruity wine." I looked to Louis, waiting for him to order it, but he just looked at me. 

"What?" I asked him.

"You told me once, that you weren't a huge fan of wine." I smiled at how he remembered that, and blushed a crimson red.

"I'll have a coke please." I smiled up at the server, and back down to Louis who ordered the same. Louis already had the diner made ahead of time, and had everything paid for. It was so cliche, but I loved it so much. We started with our salad, and some bread, then moved onto chicken parmesan for the both of us, and now we were being served our dessert. 

"White chocolate truffle cream." The desert was placed in front of us, and our server walked away. 

"Listen, Carsyn, before you eat that, there is a question I have been wanting to ask you all night. I just can't hold it in any longer." I nodded, indicating him to go on and ask, and he all of a sudden seemed really nervous. "I don't want this question to change anything between us, okay? If you'r answer is no, or you don't want it, then I want us to stay us the same, because you make me so happy. Will you promise me that?" I was all of a sudden  scared, but nodded anyways. Promising that no matter what he was about to ask me, that things would stay the same. Louis pulled a blue velvet box out of his pocket, and brought his chair closer to mine. My eyes about bugged out my head as he opened the velvet box, revealing what is now a sign that I'm his. I smiled, and jumped up down about 10 feet in the air. He smiled, and handed me the box. 

"So you'll move in with me?" I kissed my boyfriend on the lips, and smiled lovingly at him.

"Of coarse I will."

(A/N hiya! Brittni here, I hope it wasn't to bad! I really tried Carsyn! How many of you got tricked at the end?(; aren't I sneaky?:P haha. Anyways I wanted to say a few things.


2.Happy Holidays to each and every one of you, and to your families as well, have fun ok? (:

3.Your comments meant so much to me, you have no idea. It's amazing what just a few comment's can do! I had no idea so many people actually were interested in the sequel so it was pretty cool. )   

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