Another World Away

This is the sequel to "He's got that one thing."
-They finally let their feelings get the best of them, and now are on their way to Canada, and they can live happily ever after......right?
Will this be a story proving long distance really can work out? Or will it show that maybe love is nothing compared to love.


6. Strike One

Amber's P.O.V

"ZAYN! YOUR HAIR LOOKS FINE, LETS GO!" I woke up to someone screaming the next morning, and I jumped out of bed so fast. 

"Shh, will you quit yelling Li? You'll wake Amber." Aww. He was so sweet. "That's my job." Or not. I closed my eyes, and rubbed my temple, waiting for Mr. Vain Zayn to come and wake me. A few seconds later, I heard the click of a door, and soft shuffling footsteps. 

"You dump water on me, or jump on me, I mess your hair up Malik." I hear chuckling and allowed one of my eyes to open. He was standing there, with his hair styled up in that normal way he does, and his eyelashes looking so luscious. He was wearing brown chinos, that fit around his waist perfectly, and showed off the waist band of his Calvin Klein boxers, with a plain white jack wills t shirt and his Nike High tops. He looked, to use an understatement, very fit. He noticed I was staring, and let out a small cough. I blushed, and looked up into his deep liquid gold eyes. I could just melt right into them, and stay there forever. Would he let me o that? I smiled at him, and leaned into kiss him. He smiled, and picked up me up to set me on his lap. He rested his forehead on mine, and we stayed silent for at least 3 minutes just looking into each others eyes, before Louis ruined it. 

"Zayn! Zayn man, come on! We're going to be late!" My head snapped over to Louis for a moment, and when I turned my head, Zayn was still only looking at me. My face went from red, to red as a tomato. I hadn't brushed my hair yet! 

"Where are you going?" I whispered so only we could hear the conversation.

"We have an interview. I'll be back in a few hours, unless you wanted to go, then I could have a car come pick you up. I thought you might want to sleep and make a few phone calls though." His arms snaked around my waist, and he just  held me. Why is he so sweet? I pecked his lips once more before sliding off of him, 

"Yeah, I think I'll just hang out around here today. I'll see you when you get back though." I went back underneath the cover's and watched as he walked over to me and kissed my forehead. 

"I know you probably won't want to, but its channel 12 if you want to watch the interview."

I smiled at him, and allowed him to kiss my cheek, and finally land on my lips. I smiled into the kiss, and nodded. "I'll be watching." He sent me a wink, and started walking towards the door. As soon as he shut the door, I heard 4 other voices yell in perfect harmony, "Bye Amber!" I laughed before throwing my head back into the pillows and rolling over. 

So what should I do today? 

(A/N I know this chapter sucks, but you all wanted an update, and I'm still trying to figure out how to work everything in! I do have an outline of where I want this story to go, I'm just not very well at "fillers" I have also gotten a few DM's on twitter, and a comment on here about being character's, I need to know what you want in your character. Like personality, looks, did you want a relationship? So, Please comment that information. I'm only picking one more though, because I had already promised one other person that she would be in here. So, here's the update you guys asked for, I'm sorry if it wasn't up to standards! Aldo, here is Zayn's outfit... I don't think the copy and past will work, but if you wanted to take the time to look at it, awesome. My Polyvore is fangirltowards that is also my twitter name! )

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