Another World Away

This is the sequel to "He's got that one thing."
-They finally let their feelings get the best of them, and now are on their way to Canada, and they can live happily ever after......right?
Will this be a story proving long distance really can work out? Or will it show that maybe love is nothing compared to love.


3. Another Girl?

Carsyn's POV-

I was walking out of the plane to see Louis' for the first time in months when I saw him in a corner.......with another girl........making out.

I walked over, "Louis?" I asked. He turned around and his face turned red.

"I can expl-" I cut him off.

"EXPLAIN WHAT! Before you left for America you told me that I could trust you. That you loved me more than anyone you have loved before. I WAS SITTING ON A PLANE FOR TWELVE HOURS BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE YOU! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT FROM ALL OF THOSE OTHER STARS! BUT I GUESS NOT! YOUR SUCH A PLAYER!!! I can't believe I ever trusted you. I LOVED YOU!!!!" I yelled, tears were streaming down my face. He looked embarrassed. Good! He should be!

"Carsyn, it's not what it looks like, she kissed me!" He said, grabbing my arm, trying to calm me down.

I yanked my arm away, "I saw you kissing her back, though!" Starting to cry even more.

"No." He said. Then the girl started saying something, I turned to her to listen.

"I did kiss him. I'm sorry." She said starting to walk away.

"Okay. Okay...." I said turning around and walking away.

I ran to the car with Louis following me. He got in the drivers seat and started the car.  I got into te passengers seat.

"I told you, you could trust me." He said.

"I know. I'm sorry but I thought you were kissing her back." I explained.

"It's fine. I have a surprise for you."



Heyyyy it's Carsyn. Hmmmm, I wander what Lou's surprise is? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Guess and whoever guesses right next time I update i'll mention you in my [A/N]!!! Better start commenting


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