Mixed Up Love Story

Ellen and Lauren are identical twin sisters that live in Manchester. Lauren is a mega nerd and Ellen is miss popularity she rules the school and everyone wants to be her. But when Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry move to Manchester everything changes sparks fly and Ellen and Lauren fall for the boys. Then Lauren gets mistaken for Ellen when Ellen is out of town and things get really complicated.


1. Wake Up

Ellen's POV

"Ellen get up you'll miss the bus again" my twin sister Lauren yelled at me hitting me with a pillow. "GO AWAY!!!!!!!" I screamed at her "its 7:30 get up" she shrieked. I put my pillow over my head and she eventually left. I checked my clock gosh I was barely going to have enough time to ge ready. It was the first day of school and this year I was in senior year. My name is Ellen Smith-Webster yeah thats right my parents are split up. I dragged myself out of bed I put on my purple skinny jeans with a black lace top and some vans. I straightened my brown with purple streaks hair and put on my make up and jewelrry I was ready to impress.  

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