Mixed Up Love Story

Ellen and Lauren are identical twin sisters that live in Manchester. Lauren is a mega nerd and Ellen is miss popularity she rules the school and everyone wants to be her. But when Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry move to Manchester everything changes sparks fly and Ellen and Lauren fall for the boys. Then Lauren gets mistaken for Ellen when Ellen is out of town and things get really complicated.


3. Romeo And Juliet

Zayn's POV

We had english after homeroom with Mr Moroe we all were in this class together so I took the opportunity to sit next to Ellen and Louis sat on the other side of her. "alright class today we will be watching Romeo and Juliet" Mr Monroe announced. I really enjoyed this movie but it always made me cry a little bit. Ilooked over at Louis he was making Ellen laugh I couldn't help but feel jealous. "Miss Smith-Webster and Mr Tomlinson please be quiet" Mr Monroe shouted at them I smiled. Halfway through the movie I was staring at Ellen and she lifted up her arm and she had a tatoo on the inside of her arm it wasn't a big one just two words they said Let Go "Nice tat" I whispered at her her face went bright red "shut up" she blushed "hey its cool you should see my little collection" I chuckled she smiled. When the movie finished Ellen had tears rolling down her cheeks as did most of the other people in the class Louis put his arm around Ellen she smiled at him I was restraining myself from puching him and when he let go of her i was finally relived.


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