Mixed Up Love Story

Ellen and Lauren are identical twin sisters that live in Manchester. Lauren is a mega nerd and Ellen is miss popularity she rules the school and everyone wants to be her. But when Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry move to Manchester everything changes sparks fly and Ellen and Lauren fall for the boys. Then Lauren gets mistaken for Ellen when Ellen is out of town and things get really complicated.


10. Hate

Ellen's POV 

I was listening to the radio the boys had just sung 3 of there songs and they were brilliant "i dedicate this next song to a beautiful girl her name is Ellen" Louis said he was dedicating a song to me what a sweetheart he was. The song he dedicated to me was I Would and it was a beautiful song. 

Zayn's POV 

I couldn't believe it Louis had dedicated a song to her before I could I was furious but I held in my anger. The worst part was Louis seemed pretty pleased with himself about it to. But overall the most horrible part had to be when Ellen ran in towards Louis and the basically started making out then and there "get a room" Niall yelled laughing I went and hopped in my car and drove home. Why why did she have to choose him what's wrong with me those were the sort of thoughts that were rolling around in my head. I heard my phone beep I wasn't going to check it coz I was driving but then again it could be from Ellen. I looked at the message it was from Louis I checked the road before reading the message 'where r u we r having a partay at the beach'. I threw my phone down and I looked up at the road just in time to see the truck heading towards me. 

Louis POV 

Zayn seemed pretty upset today after the radio thing I wasn't really sure what was wrong though. My phone started ringing "hello" I said "this is the London royal hospital are you Louis Tomlinson" a ladies voice crackled through my phone "yes this is him" I replied what she said next changed everything I rushed over to Harry Niall and Liam "guys I just got a call from the hospital Zayn's been in a fatal car crash" I cried "I'll go get Ellen" Harry said. We all piled into Harry's car and Harry drove us to the hospital. We ran into the waiting room Liam went up and got his room number. We followed the nurse down the long hallway to his room. He was lying motionless on a bed with bandages all over him he had a big cast around his left leg and arm. There was a doctor in the room "mr Malik has several broken bones and a minor head injury he is also in a coma right now and we aren't sure when he will wake up" the doctor explained before leaving the room. 
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