Mixed Up Love Story

Ellen and Lauren are identical twin sisters that live in Manchester. Lauren is a mega nerd and Ellen is miss popularity she rules the school and everyone wants to be her. But when Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry move to Manchester everything changes sparks fly and Ellen and Lauren fall for the boys. Then Lauren gets mistaken for Ellen when Ellen is out of town and things get really complicated.


2. Catching My Eye

Ellen's POV

I went outside and walked down the driveway to where Lauren was standing she had her nose in a book as usual "watcha reading nerd" I smirked "its called a book and its a very good one" Lauren grumbled at me "yeah I prefer movies" I smiled just as the bus pulled up. As usual when I hopped on everyone was offering me a seat next to them. I ignored all of them as I headed to the back of the bus something had caught my eye. He had curly hair and green eyes gorgeous. "Excuse me is this seat taken?" I asked him "ah no you can sit here" he replied I sat down "I'm Ellen by the way" I smiled "I'm Harry and I'm kinda new here" he said "Oh well its lovely to meet you" I smiled.

Harry's POV

A beautiful girl with blue eyes and brown hair with purple streaks in it had sat next to me I was feeling lucky today. "I'm in year twelve at manchester high school" Ellen smiled "hey thats cool me too" I said I was getting luckier and luckier by the second. We talked and talked until the bus got to the school. When Ellen and I walked in th school gates groups of people were staring at us I heard one girl whisper "Looks like Ellen has got herself another man" I chuckled to myself. "Do you want me to show you around?" Ellen asked me "Uh actually I'M waiting for some friends" I replied checking the parking lot. Thats when I saaw the black Range Rover the boys hopped out they waved and I waved back. They walked towards us Niall being his usual self introduced himself to Ellen as did Liam, Louis and Zayn.

Ellen's POV

Harry had some really nice friends especially Niall with his beautiful blue eyes blonde hair and sweet Irish accent and Zayn with the adorable bradford accent. The bell rang and we all headed to homeroom I was in the same homeroom as Harry Louis and Zayn. Miss Dean our homeroom teacher seemed pretty impressed with Harry she kept winking and smiling at him.


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