Mixed Up Love Story

Ellen and Lauren are identical twin sisters that live in Manchester. Lauren is a mega nerd and Ellen is miss popularity she rules the school and everyone wants to be her. But when Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry move to Manchester everything changes sparks fly and Ellen and Lauren fall for the boys. Then Lauren gets mistaken for Ellen when Ellen is out of town and things get really complicated.


11. Awake

Harry's POV 

Ellen had barley left Zayn's room all week she sat by his side and Louis sat by her side I could tell it hurt him to see her like this caring so much about Zayn and I couldn't bring myself to tell Louis that Zayn liked her. 

Louis and Ellen had gone to get something to eat from Maccas and I was alone in Zayn's room when he woke up. "doctor doctor" I yelled 4 doctors came running. The doctors checked him out. "Other then his physical injuries such as the broken bones he is completely fine" one of the doctors informed me. I got out my phone and called everyone and told them about Zayn they all seemed pretty happy about it. Until Ellen came in "get away from me" Zayn yelled at her she stepped back nervously

 "Zayn what's wrong it's me Ellen" 

"he's the problem" Zayn shouted pointing at Louis "me why me" Louis asked "just get them out of here" Zayn growled "guys you'd better go" Niall said under his breath Ellen grabbed Louis hand and snuggled into his chest right in front of Zayn. Zayn just about lost it I could see him tensing up then just in time Ellen and Louis left. 
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