X-Factor Audition

Delilah has always been a great singer, but when she gets the chance to show her stuff, does she choke or does she get four yeses? Read on to find out.


2. The Audition

 He was in-line right in front of us. I went up to him & covered his eyes.

"Guess who," I said in a sing-songy voice.

"Umm. Della?" He said questioning.

"Yep!" I said as I jumped in front of him. I hugged him. We have been friends for like EVER. We are always together, so Taylor (a girl that goes to our school & is like THE most popular girl like EVER) started this rumour that we were going out, so we went along with it to make her look kind of stupid for starting a rumour that was actually 'true.' We went the whole nine yards. Holding hands & hugging all the time, but we PROMISED eachother that we wouldn't kiss unless we were actually dating.

"Are you auditioning?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes."

"How come I was never informed?"

"I wanted to surprise you, because I knew that you were auditioning."

"Oh. So when did you get here?"

"About twenty minutes ago."

"Same, I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty long wait."

"*chuckles* Yeah"


~FINALLY at the front of the LONG line~

I go up to the table with Harry & we both get our numbers. Mine was 165997 & his was 165998. Harry, our families & I went into the big room so that we could have time to do warm-ups until we got called up. We all sat down. Harry & I did ourn normal warm-ups. (We would always sing together in our rooms) Suddenly I hear a woman call my name. I get up and Harry gives me a hug.

He wispers in my ear, "I know you're going to do great!"

"Thanks!" I say before heading over to the woman.

"What's your name?" the woman asks.

"Dellilah Bradshaw," I tell her.

"Ok, the judges are ready for you. This way please," she leads my family backstage before leading me to the stage.


~On Stage~

"Hi, what's your name?" Demi asks.

"Dellilah," I reply.

"And how old are you Dellilah?" Simon asks.

"Fourteen," I say.

"What are you going to sing for us?" Britney asks.

"I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift," I say. The crowd gasps. I know I shouldn't be singing such a hard song just for an audition, but I wanted to be out there.

"Okay. Whenever you're ready," L.A. says. I start to sing. I get lost in the music. I hit every note right & keep the timing just perfect. I even get the accent right! I finish singing.

"Wow. Just, wow," Britney says.

"You are one powerful girl!" Demi says.

"I have a feeling, whoever is in the competition against you, is gunna have a hard time getting to the top, because I think you are already there!" L.A says.

"I agree with all of you!" Simon says.

"It's time to vote!" Demi tells them.

"Yes!" Britney says.

"Absolutely!!" L.A says.

"Times ten to what Britney said!" Demi said.

"One hundred thousand yeses!" Simon says.

"Thank you!" I say before I walk off the stage. I get backstage. Harry is there waiting. I run to him & he hugs me and spins me around.

"You did it!!I knew you could do it!! Now it's time for me," he says.

"Go get 'em tiger!" I say jokingly.

"Rawr!" he says as he grabs his mic and heads out onto the stage. I stay backstage while he sings 'Isn't She Lovely,' it wasAMAZING!! He gets four yeses. He says thanks & walks off stage. He runs to me.

"We both did it!!" he yells.

"Yeah! We did!" I yell back.

"Now we just got to get through bootcamp," he says.

"So true," I say.

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