Feather in the Wind

*HIATUS* For years, Feather has lived on her Wind Tribe Cherokee reserve. She lived with her mother and little sister, River. But then, the legendary "Palefaces" come to choose some natives to go to the Unknown Land. Feather is forced to leave her old life and ways to learn the knew ways of the Unknown Land's people. See what happens as Feather desperately tries to hold on to her old life.

[Rated yellow for romance.]


1. Prolouge


My life is like a feather in the wind. Which makes since considering my Cherokee name is "Feather." My new lifestyle is up and down which mimics the movements of a white swan feather in the wind. My coming of age began at a somewhat young age.

It was a mild tempered month. The leaves were changing and falling ever so slowly to the ground. I was five years at the time and very naïve. I was very close to my mama and papa and had many, many friends.

"Feather! Come here! We need you!" said my best friend Luna. Her mother was apart of the Sky Tribe, where all the members are named after stars and things in the sky. Luna is another form of Lunar, which means moon. It made sense. "Coming Luna!" I yelled in my squeaky five year voice. We played all kinds of games that day from "Huntress" to "Catch that Paleface." They were very fun games to be involved in, especially "Catch that Paleface" because we would always kid about the Palefaces that came to our villages to take people to the Unknown Land.

My life seemed perfect. I had family, traditions (such as dances, schooling, and cooking lessons from my mama) my tribe which was known as the Wind Tribe, and of course everything else in my life, minus the palefaces. But, since I was a naïve five year, I didn't know or expect what was about to happen to me in my twelfth year that would change my life forever.

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