Feather in the Wind

*HIATUS* For years, Feather has lived on her Wind Tribe Cherokee reserve. She lived with her mother and little sister, River. But then, the legendary "Palefaces" come to choose some natives to go to the Unknown Land. Feather is forced to leave her old life and ways to learn the knew ways of the Unknown Land's people. See what happens as Feather desperately tries to hold on to her old life.

[Rated yellow for romance.]


3. Four Years Later


I have lived in the Unknown Land for four years now. I am fourteen years or fourteen years old, as these people like to call it. I live with a girl my year or age named Kelsey and her mother Miranda McPhee. I go to South Ridge High School as a freshman and made many new friends by the names such as Drew Adair and Jared Bachman. They're nice and I have learned proper English. I can't say I like it her though. Actually, I hate it. I want my life back. I liked my way of life better. Well, last summer (which is the Paleface name for the hot tempered months) I requested to go home to the reserve and visit, but they just denied it. Said I live here now and need to forget my old way of life. Well, guess what? I don't want to forget. I want to hold on so bad to my old life that I even convinced them to let me keep my Cherokee name Feather. Everything else they made me change such as my clothes, shoes, language, hairstyle, lifestyle, and everything else in between.

I wish every night on the stars that I could go home and see my sister and mama again. My sister would be thirteen years now and would be considered a young lady in our tribe and they would've had a huge ceremony in her maturing which I probably missed. I wonder if she even still remembers me. She has too. I gave her the feather and she probably put it up on her wooden chest next to her favorite buffalo skin blanket. Oh, how I miss her dearly. I write them, but I don't think that they ever send the letters to my family.

I also miss my tribe and best friend Luna dearly. I heard that Luna was safe for another year from leaving the Sky Tribe. I write her as well, but I don't think that they ever send those either. I don't care. I'm getting out of here soon. I am getting out so I can go see my family.

It was another long day of school and I had a lot of homework to do. Algebra and Spanish homework to be exact. School sucks and I hate it. Now here I am talking like them. Jeez. Will I ever go home?"

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