Writing Notes To Myself

These are notes that I need to remember for every story I write.


2. Plot

Define a Goal – The characters must have a goal. Actually several. Usually small goals to achieve the central goal.

Throw some sort of challenge at the characters and their goals – It doesn’t need to be a big challenge. It can be as simple as the character being late for work and the road is blocked. However, in life there is always some challenge. If the story is dragging there are not enough challenges.

It is important to clearly define your characters and motivations because different characters would solve the same challenge differently. Their resolution must be true to their character.

If the scene is dragging, add something else (repeat as necessary) – If the character is stuck in traffic have them notice the romantic interest in the car next to them, then have the phone ring and it’s their boss angry that they are late to work.

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