The Art of Love

Kelsey is a troubled teenager who likes to volunteer at the community center as an art teacher. When an unexpected student comes to one of her classes, will the old and sweet Kelsey come back? Or will it just makes matters worse?


3. Three

Zayn's POV

When I heard a fan singing along to Kiss Me, I knew I had to introduce myself. I could hear her voice from down the hall so I rushed to the door. As soon as I got there, I quietly opened the door, but it still creaked.

"Hi" I said while she was turning down the radio.

"Oh. Hi. I'm Kelsey." She replied.

I have to admit, she was not what the stereotypical fan looked like, and I kinda enjoyed her edginess

"I'm Zayn."I introduced

"Sorry you had to listen to that. Lemme turn it off." She apologized

"No, I like that song." I insisted.

"Uhm. Ok?" She questioned

"It's my favorite off the album" I admitted

She laughed, which I found strange. Maybe she was just scared.

"Anyway, I came to clear up some security issues." I said

"For what?" She asked confused

I laughed and she stared at me. Did she really not know who I was? I just heard her singing along to one of our songs. Maybe she just wasn't a fangirl.

"I was just kidding."I lied

She laughed awkwardly. 




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