The Art of Love

Kelsey is a troubled teenager who likes to volunteer at the community center as an art teacher. When an unexpected student comes to one of her classes, will the old and sweet Kelsey come back? Or will it just makes matters worse?


1. One

Dear Kelsey,

I have decided to leave you and your father due to recent issues. I have left you a safe in my closet. To open it, use your key on the necklace I gave to you. I am deeply sorry and hope for the best.

Love, Mom

That was the note my mom left me when I woke up on my eighteenth birthday. It was the worst and only present I received that day. I used to be a blonde haired angel that only thought about happy stuff but that note caused me to take the money out of the safe and put it to use. I first died my hair black, then I bought a whole new wardrobe consisting of unflattering black dresses and accessories, and I finally bought an apartment twenty miles away from my old house. My mother had left me enough money to cover food, bills, and furniture for at least a year so I decided to get a job. I  was always really into art so I decided to volunteer at the Iowa community center but I didn't get paid. So I decided to get a job at Hot Topic. I worked nights at the community center and days at Hot Topic. That note changed my life. I was no longer known as the cute and bubbly Kelsey. I was now the dark and strange Kelsey.








AN: I know this isn't the sequel I promised but what do u think? should I continue?

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