The Art of Love

Kelsey is a troubled teenager who likes to volunteer at the community center as an art teacher. When an unexpected student comes to one of her classes, will the old and sweet Kelsey come back? Or will it just makes matters worse?


4. Four

Kelseys POV

Zayn took a seat close to my desk and just looked around the room for a while. He pointed to one of the pictures on the wall and asked, "Who drew that?"

"I did, actually." I responded. That was one of first actual paintings. It was a picture of the starts at night from my apartment.

"It's really cool." He complemented.


For ten minutes, we sat in awkward silence. I pretended to look at my phone but no one except Chelsea really texts or calls me. Finally, a woman named Aubrey walked in. She was in her mid twenties and was a horrible artist when she first signed up for the class, but she has gotten significantly better. The weird thing about teaching the class was that I was younger than all of the students. Most of them were in their twenties, thirties, or even fourties. It was kind of refreshing to see a young face like Zayn. Anyways, after she showed up, more and more people began filling seats in the classroom. Once everyone was in their seats and it was time to start, I announced to the class we had a new student named Zayn. They all said hi. I then asked the class to draw a picture of a bowl of tomatoes I had on my desk. 

"You have the rest of the class time. Your time starts.... Now!" I announced.

I tried to get some paintings graded, but I was too distracted by Zayn. He was indescribably cute. I observed every sing one of his tattoos. He was gorgeous and I didn't even notice that I started doodling Mrs. Zayn Malik all over my sketchbook until the timer went off. 

"Uhm.. That's all the time we have today class. See you tomorrow." I said quickly.

As I was throwing away the sheet I had doodled all over, Zayn approached me. i began to get nervous. Did he notice that I was staring at him? Was he going to quit the class? Oh no. I thought. Did he see my embarrassing sheet of paper?

"Hey. I was just um wondering if you uh waned to maybe see a movie or go to dinner or something like that tomorrow?" Zayn asked in his sexy british accent.

I blushed. "Absolutely!" I exclaimed. I realized that was the happiest I had been since my 17th birthday, which was two years ago. 

"Great! I'll walk you to your car." he offered

I grabbed my stuff and as we walked toward the big glass community center exit doors, I saw a huge mob of teenage girls. 

"I should probably tell you something.." Zayn started


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