The Art of Love

Kelsey is a troubled teenager who likes to volunteer at the community center as an art teacher. When an unexpected student comes to one of her classes, will the old and sweet Kelsey come back? Or will it just makes matters worse?


5. Five

Zayn's POV

"Your What?!" She exclaimed in anger

"I'm in a band called One Direction. I didn't tell you earlier because it was kind of nice to know someone who didn't know me as the popstar Zayn Malik. I wanted you to know me as just Zayn, who happened to get lucky on a singing show. Look, I really hope this doesn't change anything because I really like you." I explained 

"I just don't think a girl like me is good for you. I have way too many issues for you to psychologically handle." She said as her lip began to tremble.

"I haven't even gotten to know you yet. Give me a chance, please." I begged

"Okay, fine" She agreed

I gave her a hug and called Paul.

"Hey, Paul. I've got a bit of a situation at the community center." I explained while looking out the windows in the classroom. 

"Okay. I'll be there in thirty minutes. Just stay inside." He replied in a dreadful tone.

"Mkay. Bye" I responded

"It'll be thirty minutes" I told Kelsey

"Okay." She said as she started heading towards the door.

"You probably shouldn't go. They know that we were hanging out so they will want to rip you to pieces."I shouted after her

"Ughh. I guess all we can do is wait then.." She said on her way back to the room.

Kelsey's POV

"Truth or Dare?" I asked

"Truth" Zayn replied

"What was the craziest fan experience?" I questioned

"In Sweden, some girls pressed their boobs against the window during an interview." He laughed

"Ewwwwww." I replied and laughed

I had never laughed so much in one day. We were having a lot of fun, and I couldn't resist laughing. 

"Truth or Dare?" Zayn asked

"Dare." I responded

Zayn's phone started ringing.

"Sorry, I should probably take this." He said

"Okay. Uh-huh. Alright."he spoke into the phone.

He hung up and walked over to the window. There was no one there anymore!

"How?" I confused asked

"I honestly do not know. " He replied, just as dumbfounded as me.

We walked out holding hands together.

"See you tomorrow then?" he asked

"Of course." 

I hugged him and he leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.

I couldn't help but smile on my way back to my apartment.




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