I Will Always Love You

Ellie Crave is a seventeen year old girl. Her father ran away when her mum got pregnant and her mother died when she gave birth. She lived in an orphanage until she was fifteen. She didn’t have any friends and nobody would give her any attention because she had cancer and they thought it was worthless to take care of her as she would die before she even turned eighteen. But she was strong. She didn’t get mad at the others for not helping her. She didn’t get mad at the world for giving her this horrible disease. Instead she learned from it. When she got away from the orphanage, she went to a home that took care of sick children like her. She wouldn’t just help there, but she would be their friend. And she would give them something they never received. Or at least she didn’t allow herself to receive. Until she met a guy, who changed the rest of the life she had left forever. He gave her LOVE.


3. Tears In Heaven


“I must be strong and carry on
'Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven”

“Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure
And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven”

-Eric Clapton

The next day when I arrived to the home, Lucy wasn’t there anymore. She was in a better and safer place now, and I know she was looking down staring at me. Tonight I was gonna dedicate her the song I prepared. Even though she wasn’t here with us anymore, I knew she would be listening to me. The first time she heard me sing she had promised me not to miss any of my performances, and she said that leaving this world wasn’t an excuse. 


The day was rather normal, until I saw this guy at lunch time. He was sitting alone. He looked around eighteen years old, too old to be in this home. And he didn’t seem to have any disease either. Apparently Ruth, the nurse I usually have launch with, caught me staring at him.


“His name is Harry” She said.


“What’s he doing here?” I asked intrigued.


“Same as you honey” Was the only thing she said.


He looked up and I turned around. I didn’t want him to know we were talking about him.


“He’s looking at you” she elbowed me.


“No he isn’t” I replied looking down at my food. I couldn’t risk looking at him again because if he was actually staring at me, then he would realize we are talking about him. 




“What?” I asked.


“Um, he’s coming” Ruth said looking at me.


“What? No. He-he can’t” I whispered. I’ve never been good for making friends, except for the children here. I think I managed to get along with them because I know what they’ve been through. But apart from the nurses and the doctors I know no one. And I don’t plan on knowing anyone. Why would he come over where we were? He didn’t come here to be with me or the nurses, he came to be with the children.  Maybe Ruth was wrong, and he wasn’t coming towards us. Maybe he is just gonna walk past us, I thought. But my thoughts were interrupted by a deep man’s voice. Obviously, Harry, as he was the only guy (apart from the doctor whose voice I would recognize) mature enough to have that tone. 


“Hey” He said and I turned around to look at him. “You mind if I sit?”


I didn’t answer, I just stared at him. He was tall, but not much taller than me, just a few inches. He had curly brown hair and green eyes. He was smiling shyly, and had dimples on both his cheeks. Apparently a few seconds had passed since he asked, because Ruth said “Not at all.”


My heart started beating faster. I didn’t know what to do. I had never in my life had to keep up a conversation with anyone. Only for urgent matters and most of the time they were doctors. I had tried to make friends before. But I couldn’t, and here, I felt as if I belonged. It’s not that it’s that hard to make friends, it’s just that I don’t want to. I know how it feels when someone you love dies. Like Lucy. And I don’t want anyone to ever feel that bad about me. The first times I came to the home and someone died I just couldn’t handle it, and days would pass until I recovered myself and came back. Through time I learned to control my emotions. Of course I still felt sad when a kid passed, but I just didn’t weep about it anymore. And I wouldn’t let anyone weep for me. I don’t think the nurses would cry when I died. They hardly ever cry too. So when Harry sat down, I got up. 


“Excuse me, I think I’m just gonna check on Matt” I said “Sorry”



Harry’s P.O.V


She looked so beautiful. I had wanted to build up the courage to talk to her all morning, but she would always be too busy, surrounded by kids and nurses. At lunch time I had my shot. She was eating with Ruth, a nurse I had met earlier before and who I found really nice. And so I stood up and walked towards them. 


“Hey” I said as she turned around “You mind if I sit?”


She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Her blonde wavy hair went all the way down to her hips. Her eyes. Those perfect green eyes. She carried heaven in her eyes. Her pale flawless skin and her red lips. He long black eyelashes. She was so perfect for a moment I thought she was just a dream. But Ruth’s voice brought me back into reality.


“Not at all” she said.


But at the moment I sat down, she stood up, excused herself and left. Ruth noticed the disappointed look on my face because she sighted.


“Don’t even think about it Harry” she said.


“She’s so-” I started saying but she cut me off.


“Beautiful” she finished the sentence for me. “I know. And also she’s sweet and kind and so devoted to others. She’s perfect. That’s why I’m warning you Harry. Don’t even try getting near her because you won’t get it. Just let her be.”


“What if she does like me” I asked, waiting for her to give me the slightest spark of hope.


“She won’t. She won’t want to like you. Doesn’t matter if she does she will try not to. And even if she didn’t achieve it, you wouldn’t know, in a thousand years if she liked you or not. She’s really good hiding her feelings. Trust me Harry, you should just leave her alone.”


And with that she stood up and left too.

What did she mean by that? Why couldn’t I get near her? I don’t even know her name.  She wouldn’t let me even be friends with her. But why? Why? Why?


I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. It was 9:30 p.m. and everyone was heading to the dining room. 


“What’s going on?” I asked to one of the nurses that walked past me.


“Ellie’s going to sing” she replied and walked away.


Ellie? Who’s Ellie? I decided to go to the dining room too and see what was going on. And in the center of the crowd was her. Sitting in the chair. All the lights were off except for one that would illuminate her, and just her. She looked so beautiful and so peaceful. 


“I want to dedicate this song to Lucy” she said with her eyes closed. “See you soon.”


As she sang “Tears in Heaven” I could realize that Lucy was probably a kid from the home that had passed. But if she was, why did she say “see you soon?” What did she mean?


When she started singing, the room had fallen silent immediately. And I don’t doubt why. Her voice was so angelic. Almost as if an actual angel was singing through her. So perfect. Not a note out of place. And her eyes, so full of meaning as she sang the lyrics. The way her lips moved. So slow and smoothly. It’s like everything else disappeared and it was just us two. I wish that moment could last forever, but it didn’t. After some minutes, she finished, said goodbye and left. 


I went home that night with a smile on my face. Replaying her performance in my head over and over again. I couldn’t get her off my mind. And as I dozed off and fell asleep, I dreamed of her. Ellie. Ellie. Ellie.


So guys I really hope you're liking it so far. Thanks for the few likes and favourites I have for the moment. Please let me know what you think, I really appreciete it. Once again thank you. :)

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