I Will Always Love You

Ellie Crave is a seventeen year old girl. Her father ran away when her mum got pregnant and her mother died when she gave birth. She lived in an orphanage until she was fifteen. She didn’t have any friends and nobody would give her any attention because she had cancer and they thought it was worthless to take care of her as she would die before she even turned eighteen. But she was strong. She didn’t get mad at the others for not helping her. She didn’t get mad at the world for giving her this horrible disease. Instead she learned from it. When she got away from the orphanage, she went to a home that took care of sick children like her. She wouldn’t just help there, but she would be their friend. And she would give them something they never received. Or at least she didn’t allow herself to receive. Until she met a guy, who changed the rest of the life she had left forever. He gave her LOVE.


1. Prologue


And there she was. A girl no more than seventeen years old. A girl that never experienced the love of a father or a mother. A girl who always had no one to count on. No one to teach her. No one to support her. No one to listen to her. No one to help her. And yet the Lord gave her the strength to keep going on. Not for much longer though, as she knew her life would be short. But her life was long enough for her to understand that life isn’t about receiving, but about giving. Life isn’t life without love. Life isn’t life if you receive love. The person that truly lives is the one who loves. Not themselves, others. Not your family or your friends, but anyone. Life is loving that homeless man you see sleeping in a box in the street when you go to work every day. Life is loving that old lady that walks slowly in front of you because her legs can’t hold her anymore. Life is loving that little kid in the supermarket screaming that he wants candies while his mother yells at him to shut up. Life is loving that employee that doesn’t seem to do anything right because they never went to high school. Life is loving that teenager that sneaks out every night to drink and get high, only for their parents to punish them physically. Life is living for others. Life is loving for others. That’s why I’m standing here today. She has gave too much love and it was time for someone to give her love. And today, she will receive a love much greater than mine. She will remember the life she had as she ascends to Heaven. And with her she will carry my love. Today, I’m saying goodbye to the love of my life. Today, I’m saying goodbye to my best friend. Today we are all giving her the love she has gave all of us back. So that she carries it with her forever. And forever she will be loved. Because my love for her will never end. And I’m asking you Lord to welcome her with your arms open, because no other person in the world deserves your love as much as she does. Ellie Crave, remember, I will always love you. 

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