The Cheerleader and the Football Player

16 year old MacKenzie is the shy girl at school. She doesn't go out and party a lot or get drunk or have a million boyfriends. She is a level 10 gymnast, but she never though about going out for the cheerleading team. She ends up trying out, and befriending the other shy girl, and falling in love with her new friends twin brother. But what could happen when she gets injured and the doctors tell her she can never do gymnastics again? Will she give up? Or will she find a way to do it anyway.

*In this story Harry is famous, but he has always been the popular boy in school and nobody treats him that different for being famous and he is a football player, the star quarterback to be exact. And I know he only has an older sister, Gemma, but for the sake of the story, he has a twin sister.*


11. We Made It

"Harry." I said as we finally stopped kissing and he sat back in the drivers seat and flipped his hair. "What babe." He said as he put his seat belt and put the key into the egnition. "Can we talk about this?" I asked. He looked at me, with a look of confusion. "I mean were going out now and stuff, but Tori is going to be mad at me and say that you always take her friends away and I dont know if I will like all the attention for being your girlfriend." I said as I looked out the windows.

"Whatever you want to do love." he said. "Babe, didnt you have to be at the gym at 8:15 to find out about cheerleading?" he asked as he looked at the clock. "Yea, why?" I asked not getting his point. "Its 8:13 and its a 15 minute ride." He said. "Shit. Drive fast and drop me off a block away. I dont wanna explain to Tori why her brother was dropping me off." I said as he sped up and went back to the school.

It was 8:24 when I got there. Blake was standing up front with a clipboard and looked pissed. I ran in and sat with Tori, who was thankfully sitting close to the doors. "What I miss?" I whispered. "Nothing. Melanie had to take a call so they are waiting for her. Where were you?" she asked. "Oh I lost track of time and I had to run." I asked, showing off my damp clothes. "Oh. Ok. you wouldnt happen to know where my brother is would you? My parents cant find him and hes not answering his phone." she said as Melanie came back into the room. "No clue." I said, playing stupid.

Melanie stood there and Blake began talking. "Ok, so we will call your number and those numbers not called will be cut. First we will begin with the Varsity team. There was one group of year 10's which almost never happens. 12, 15, 19, 14, 21, 26, 03, 17, 06, 08, 05. Thats the varsity team..." I didnt hear the rest. 05. That was my number. Well, me and Toris number. "Ohmigod. I cant believe this!" I said to her as the meeting ended. "I can! Your amazing!" We squelled as we walked outside. "MacKenzie its pouring. Please dont walk. Ill drive you home." she said. I didnt have any reason to not go, excpet the fact I didnt know if I was telling people I was dating Harry. "Ok, thanks." I said as I got into the backseat.

Tori looked a little shocked that I accepted the offer, but I wanted a ride. "Hey babe." Harry said as Tori walked around to the other side of the car. "Harry. Behave yourself." Tori warned as she plopped into the passanger seat. "I didnt do anything Vic." he said as he pulled the car out of the school parking lot and down the street. "How'd it go?" Harry asked after a minute of silence. "Good. MacKenzie made it." she said looking out the window, pretending to be sad. "Oh shut up you did too." I said as I playfully rolled my eyes.

"Thats great!" Harry said as we pulled up to the ice cream place. "Harry. What are we 4? Ice Cream? Really?" Tori asked him sarcastically. "Fine we can leave." Harry said as he pretended to back up the car. "No its ok. We can stay." Tori shouted. "MacKenzie lets go." Tori said. "Nah. I dont want. I just had popcorn yesterday. Too fatening." I said as I took out my phone as it buzzed. 'From Harry: You always look perfect baby<3' I smiled. "Ok. Fine whatever. Dumbass what you want?" She asked as she looked at Harry. "Chocolate." He said ignoring her comment. "Fine. Just dont kill each other while I'm gone please?" she asked as she got out of the car and slammed the door. "I wanna tell her Harry." I said looking at my phone, so even if she looked at us through the store window, she wouldnt see us talking.

"Ok. How? Just come out with it and be like, 'Im dating the most sexy and hottest man alive, you just happen to be related to him' I think that would work." He said and I had to control myself from laughing. It was true though. He was sexy and hot. But I wasnt going to say that to Tori. That would be awkward.


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