The Cheerleader and the Football Player

16 year old MacKenzie is the shy girl at school. She doesn't go out and party a lot or get drunk or have a million boyfriends. She is a level 10 gymnast, but she never though about going out for the cheerleading team. She ends up trying out, and befriending the other shy girl, and falling in love with her new friends twin brother. But what could happen when she gets injured and the doctors tell her she can never do gymnastics again? Will she give up? Or will she find a way to do it anyway.

*In this story Harry is famous, but he has always been the popular boy in school and nobody treats him that different for being famous and he is a football player, the star quarterback to be exact. And I know he only has an older sister, Gemma, but for the sake of the story, he has a twin sister.*


2. Meeting Everyone

MacKenzies POV

Today was my day. Tumbling. They had us practice certain moves with our partner so that on Friday, we had a floor routine to do. Victoria told me that she liked to be called Tori, except that her brother called her Vic because it pissed her off. So Tori has been doing cheerleading so she knows how to do a bunch of tumbling.

"Can you do a back handspring?" I asked. She showed me her back handspring. It was really good. "How bout I show you a routine and you tell me if you can do it?" I offered. I showed her my routine and she was really excited to learn it. So for the next 3 hours, we practiced. It was perfect. It was this: (sorry because I would have no idea how to describe it so I just found a video and its obviously supposed to be a 16 year old, not an 8 year old). "MacKenzie do you want to come over and practice?" Tori asked me. "Um, I was going to run... but sure, I could always use more practice." I said as we grabbed our bags and headed out of the gym. "I have to walk home if thats ok. I only live like 3 blocks away." Tori said to me. "No, we can take my car." I said as I walked over to where my Range Rover was parked. I got into the drivers side and threw my bag into the backseat.

Once we got inside, Tori brought me into her basement. It was huge like really really huge. And had mats down and all the fruniture was moved to the side. "Its been like this for a while. I always practice down here." she explained as I put my bag down and streched again. I warmed up again by doing a back handspring and a back tuck. "So, if you wanna watch me then I watch you and we correct each other." she suggested. I nodded. "You first." She said. I got up and I remembered we had to do it with music. "Tori we have to do it with music." I reminded her. She got out her iPhone and put it in the iHome and put on 'One Thing'.

I started my routine and by the time I finished, Tori was smiling. "Why do you need to practice again?" she asked. "That was perfect." She said. I looked down because I know it wasnt perfect. I messed up on the running tumbling, I couldve done more than 2 front handsprings. I couldve fit in the 3rd one. "No it wasnt." I insisted. "Your turn." I said as I sat down and pressed play on the iPhone. She started and by the time she got to the pike and hurkey jumps, a deep voice spoke from the stairs.

"Borning." It said. Tori stood up and rolled her eyes. "Shut up. I didnt come up with it dumbass. MacKenzie did." she said. I couldnt see who it was but I recognized the vocie. "Whos MacKenzie?" The voice asked as I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. 'Why did you even come down" Tori asked. "I heard my song and I wanted to know why you were listening to me." he said. It was Harry. Not just like the most popular guy in my school. Harry, as in Harry Styles from One Direction.

"Thats MacKenzie." Tori said as she pointed at me. I realized I probably had like 5 fat rolls since I was sitting with my knees pulled to my chest, so I stood up. "MacKenzie this is Harry, my idiot brother. Harry this is my friend MacKenzie." Tori said as she pointed at each of us. "Hey." I said shyly. I realized I was only wearing my sports bra and spandex and I suddenly got really self-concious.

"Hey. And I really didnt mean that it sucked. I was just saying that to piss her off." he said. I shook my head, "No, dont worry. Its not even mine really. Me and one of my friends made it when we were level 7's a few years ago." I said. "Level 7 what?" he asked curiosuly. "Gymnast. Im a level 10, almost 11 now." I said shyly. I really dont talk about gymnastics this much. "Wow. Thats really impressive." He said. "Thanks." I said as I looked down.

"Now can you please leave?" Tori asked pushing him up the stairs. "Nope. My house too. And I think I might just want to watch this." He said as he sat down against the wall right next to where I was sitting before. I didnt know where to sit because I didnt want to make it seem like I wanted to sit next to him, but I had to do the music. So I just sat down where I did before. "Go again." I said as I started the music. She did the entire routine flawlessly. "That was perfect Tori." I said. 'You again." she said as she stood above me, waiting for me to get up so she could do the music. I reluctantly got up. I had to admit, out of all the compeitions I had ever been to, I was more nervous now then I was for any of them.

I stood there and got ready for the music to start. I could feel Harry staring at me and I was really uncomfortable. The music started and I began the routine. I didnt really care that he was watching about halfway through the routine. Thats a little thing I taught myself. I taught myself to not care about people watching me as I was doing my routine. Thats how I usually got 1st place. When I finished, I was pretty proud of myself. I did the 3rd back handspring and I gave the right amount of attitude in the right places and I pointed my toes. "See Tori. Why cant you look like that?" Harry said as he got up and walked up the stairs.


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