The Cheerleader and the Football Player

16 year old MacKenzie is the shy girl at school. She doesn't go out and party a lot or get drunk or have a million boyfriends. She is a level 10 gymnast, but she never though about going out for the cheerleading team. She ends up trying out, and befriending the other shy girl, and falling in love with her new friends twin brother. But what could happen when she gets injured and the doctors tell her she can never do gymnastics again? Will she give up? Or will she find a way to do it anyway.

*In this story Harry is famous, but he has always been the popular boy in school and nobody treats him that different for being famous and he is a football player, the star quarterback to be exact. And I know he only has an older sister, Gemma, but for the sake of the story, he has a twin sister.*


3. How Unique

"Im sorry about him." Tori apologized. "No, dont worry." I said. We practiced about 3 more times each before Harry came downstairs again. "What do you want from my life!" Tori yelled at him. "Well I'm not even going to talk to you Vic because you have a major attitude. But MacKenzie, my mom said dinner is ready and she invited you to stay." Harry said innocently. "Um, sur. Thanks." I said as Harry turned to go upstairs. But he had to get one last comment in to Tori before going up. "Oh and Vic, Put a shirt on. We dont like prostitutes walking around our house. Dont worry, you dont have to MacKenzie. Your not a slut." he said since we were both in our spandex and sports bras. "Oh my god. Im going to kill him. Im so sorry." she said as I threw a sweatshirt on. "No, dont worry." I said as we went upstairs.
"Hi, you must be MacKenzie. Im Anne, Harry and Victorias mom." Anne said as I followed Tori into the kitchen. "Hi." I said polietly. We sat at the table and I had somehow gotten smushed inbetween Tori and Harry. Bad move. They faught back and fourth, making me feel very caught in the middle. "So, MacKenzie. Tell me about yourself a little bit." Anne said as she cut her chicken. "Well, I'm trying out for cheerleading with I'm not sure what else there is." I said and she laughed. "Dont be so modist MacKenzie. Mom shes a level 10 gymnast." Harry said. I blushed again. "Really? Thats amazing!" Anne said. We finished talking about me and my 'accomplishments'.
By the time we finished eating, it was 7 pm. I said goodbye to everyone and left to my car. Right as I put my bag into the backseat, I heard someone calling after me. "MacKenzie wait." Harry called as he ran outside to me. "You forgot your phone." he said as he handed me my iPhone. "Oh thanks." I said as I opened the door to the car and was about to shut it, before he stopped me again. "I hope you dont mind, but I put my number in." He said. "Thanks. But I really have to go. My science teacher gave me a ton of homwork." I said. "Who do you have?" He asked. I could tell that he didnt want me to leave. "Mr. Davis." I said. "Really? What period? I have him 9th." He said looking surprised. How stupid is he. Im in his class. But I wasn't going to be that mean to him. "I do too. But I really have to go. I'm sorry." I said as I shut the door and backed out of the driveway and went home.

On my way home I got a text. 'New text from: Harry Is My Entire Life: Hey I'm really confused with the bio homework. Wanna help me:)' not really? But I didn't say that. I also changed his name in my phone. Instead I said. 'To Harry: Sure what part you need help with.' I said. I pulled into my driveway, grabbed my keys and went into my house. "Mom. Dad. I'm home. I was at a friends house." I called as I went to my room. I was really good at Algebra 2- trigonometry. So I did that homework really fast. I got a text about 10 minutes later from Harry. 'From Harry: All of it:( wanna Skype me to help me? My Skype is harrystyles.' 'To Harry: that's a shock. How did you come up with such a unique username?' I teased.

I took out my laptop and signed into Skype. I plugged in his username and I friended him or whatever it's called on here. Within a minute or two, he accepted and called me. "Hey. Long time no see." He said. I chuckled a little bit. "Hey, So um for the homework you have to finish the lab questions. Do you get the questions?" I said as I looked at him through the screen. He shook his head. "Ok well..." I explained all the questions and he answered them. "Thanks MacKenzie." He said as I put my homework back into my folder and slipped it into my bag. "No problem. Ok we'll I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Harry." I said as I moved my mouse over to the end call button. "Wait don't go yet." He stopped me. "What." I asked. "I don't know. I wanna talk to you. You seem really cool." He said. "Um thanks. But I kinda have to go or my parents will get mad. Maybe I can text you later or something." I suggested. "Please do. Bye MacKenzie." He said. "Bye Harry." I said as I ended the call and shut down my laptop. Not even 3 seconds after we hung up, I got a text from Harry. 'From Harry: I miss talking to you already.' I was like overwhelmed by the fact that he was talking to me this much. 'To Harry: I have to go Harry I have go to sleep so I won't be too tired tomorrow for cheer.' 'From Harry: Night Love xx sleep well' That was kind of adorable you had to admit. I didn't answer him. I just slipped into my tank top and shorts and slipped into my bed and fell asleep.
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