The Cheerleader and the Football Player

16 year old MacKenzie is the shy girl at school. She doesn't go out and party a lot or get drunk or have a million boyfriends. She is a level 10 gymnast, but she never though about going out for the cheerleading team. She ends up trying out, and befriending the other shy girl, and falling in love with her new friends twin brother. But what could happen when she gets injured and the doctors tell her she can never do gymnastics again? Will she give up? Or will she find a way to do it anyway.

*In this story Harry is famous, but he has always been the popular boy in school and nobody treats him that different for being famous and he is a football player, the star quarterback to be exact. And I know he only has an older sister, Gemma, but for the sake of the story, he has a twin sister.*


5. Grandma!

"I really like you MacKenzie." He said to me with his lips still on mine. "I umm... I have to go." I said as I opened my car door and got out. By the time I got in my room and changed into shorts and a floral shirt, I already had 5 new texts. 'From Harry: Are you mad at me?' 'From Harry: Please talk to me babe.' 'From Harry: MacKenzie please talk to me.' 'From Harry: I really like you babe. Please talk to me.' 'From Harry: How can I prove it to you?'

Was I mad? I didn't know what I was. It's not that it was a bad kiss. It was like perfect. But he was my best friend brother and I didn't know if I could like him like that. 'To Harry: Please just forget it.' that's all I said. I mean I wasn't mad. But I was confused. I came downstairs from mu bedroom and I said hello to all my family and we sat down for dinner. "So MacKenzie. Do you have a boyfriend?" My Grandma Maria asked bluntly. I chuckled before answering, "No Grandma." "That's not true. I saw MacKenzie kissing some guy that dropped her off like 10 minutes ago." My brother Ethan said. "Shut up?" I said. "MacKenzie! Is that true!" My mother asked horrified. "He kissed me and I slammed the door in his face." I said quietly. "Who was it?" My dad asked. "Harry Styles." I said looking down. "Oh my God. *The* Harry Styles? From One Direction? The one I love?" My cousin Courtney screamed. "Yea. That one." I said. "Who?" My mom asked. "He's only the most famous boy in the entire world. And he's the sweetest person and oh my God is he good looking." Courtney said eagerly as she took out her phone and showed everyone a picture of him.

"Well MacKenzie. That's a hot piece of ass." My grandma said. "Grandma!" I shouted mortified. "Is he your boyfriend?" My cousin asked. "No! He just gave me a ride." I argued. "Why did he give you a ride?" My dad asked. "Because I was going to be late for dinner and I was at his house and he offered!" I said. I was getting really frustrated because if I wasn't confused as it was, my family wasn't helping. "Why were you at his house?" Courtney pried. "I'm friends with his sister!" I screamed before getting up and storming up to my room.

'From Harry: I'm sorry love. I didn't mean to like make you mad at me or anything. I couldn't help myself. I just really wanted to kiss you.' 'To Harry: It's fine.' I said coldly. I didn't know what to even say to him. 'From Harry: So what now?' I wasn't sure. 'To Harry: We forget it and move on.' That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to forget it ever happened and just move on with my life without him. 'From Harry: But I don't want to forget about it. I really like you MacKenzie.' What the hell am I supposed to do. 'To Cavan: We need to talk.' I always asked Cavan what to do. Even if it got a little awkward sometimes, he always knew what to do. 'From Cavan: Skype'

So I logged into my computer and logged into Skype. Within 2 seconds, Cavan was calling me. "Hey." I said sounding a little mopey. "What happened?" He asked as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth. "Harry kissed me today." I said. Saying it like made me feel dirty and I don't know. Just different. "Isn't that a good thing? How long have you loved 'Mr. I'm so popular and I think I'm so cool?'" He asked. "That's not funny." I said as I gave him a serious look. It was true. I had a crush on Harry for 2 years. "I really don't get why your freaking out Kenz. I mean he likes you right? So why aren't you dating him yet?" He asked. "Good point. I don't know why I'm freaking out so much. Thanks Cav." I said and we ended the call. I was about to log out of Skype when I got a call from Harry. I picked up and he started speaking immediately. "MacKenzie please listen to me. I really like you and I think it's pretty clear that you don't like me but I want you to give me a chance and at least try going on a date with me." He said all in one breath. "Ok when?" I asked. "Wait seriously? How bout now?" He asked. It was only 8 and I finished all my homework. "Fine." I said and he ended the call. What a freaking messed up world.
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