The Cheerleader and the Football Player

16 year old MacKenzie is the shy girl at school. She doesn't go out and party a lot or get drunk or have a million boyfriends. She is a level 10 gymnast, but she never though about going out for the cheerleading team. She ends up trying out, and befriending the other shy girl, and falling in love with her new friends twin brother. But what could happen when she gets injured and the doctors tell her she can never do gymnastics again? Will she give up? Or will she find a way to do it anyway.

*In this story Harry is famous, but he has always been the popular boy in school and nobody treats him that different for being famous and he is a football player, the star quarterback to be exact. And I know he only has an older sister, Gemma, but for the sake of the story, he has a twin sister.*


14. 4 Months

I walked home and I was pretty surprised that neither Harry nor Tori came after me. But I was happy about that.

At cheer

"So on count 5 6 you dip and go up to a full lib ok?" Meg said to me at practice. I nodded and we went up into our stunt. I smiled and did my facials. All of a sudden, I see Harry in the front of the room. I was so shocked that he was here that I didn't hear Meg counting and I didn't notice that I missed the stunt. Thankfully Meg and Tori caught me. "Sorry I can do this." I said as we tried it again.

I went back up and missed it again. Only this time I fell. I didn't feel the pain at first, but after a moment, I started screaming in agony. My leg hurt like a mother and everyone started to crowd around me. I laid on the ground in pain, clutching my leg close to my body. All of a sudden, I hear Harry.

"Babe it's ok." He said as he pulled me into his chest and I cried into him. "Are you two dating?" Meg asked. "Yea." Harry said as he kissed the top of my head. I was glad, even though it was only a few hours, I missed him like crazy. The ambulance came and they put me on a stretcher and put me in it to take me to the hospital. Harry came with me and held my hand. This hurt so bad you don't even know. "You'll be ok love." Harry said as we waited for the doctor to tell me the results of my X-ray.

"Ms. White? I'm afraid you've broken your leg in 3 places and you have patellar subluxation and patellar dislocation is your knee. I'm going to give you a cast and crutches, but I suggest a wheelchair. You'll be in a cast for about 4 months since this is so severe and I recommend you stop gymnastics. You can injure yourself even worse." He said. He wrapped my leg up in a huge ass cast from my ankle to my thigh, and handed me crutches. Harry was helping me walk and carry my stuff.

Harry took me home at about 10 pm and my parents and brother were luckily not home. The hospital had taken so long and I had to have a bunch of different X-rays taken so I was exhausted. "Stairs are going to be hell." I said as I walked into my house. "Lemme help you baby." He said. He picked me up bridal style and carried me upstairs to my room. He placed me on my bed and I laid down. He was going to sit in the chair across the room, but I motioned for him to come over and lay with me. He came over and laid with me and he ran his hands through my hair. "Go to sleep baby girl. It's been a long day." He said as he kissed my forehead and I almost fell asleep in his arms, before I realized, I was still In my cheer clothes from this morning. "Harry I want to change." I said. He nodded and asked where the clothes I wanted to wear were. I told him that they were the shorts in the bottom drawer on the left and any tee shirt from my closet. I was in spandex and a sports bra. I changed my top no problem, Harry turned around, but there was a problem with changing my shorts. "Harry there's a problem." I said defeatedly. I really didn't want to ask him to change me, but I couldn't do it. "What's wrong sweetie?" He asked alarmed. "No I'm ok. I just can't change my shorts..." My voice trailed off. It wasn't long before Harry was standing there, gripping the waistband of my spandex, ready to pull them off. "I won't look if you don't want me too." He said sweetly. "Thank you baby." I said as he closed his eyes and pulled off my spandex.

He slid the shorts past my cast and I adjusted them to how they were comfortable. "Thanks babe." I said as he laid down with me again. He cuddled me into his arms and I laid my head against his chest and was almost asleep when I was woken by Harry's voice.

"I love you MacKenzie." He said as he looked into my eyes. I turned my head and looked back at him. "I love you too Harry." I said as he lowered his head and kissed me gently. I really did love him. I know he loves me too.
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