Annie & Justin.

Two lovers are separated from each other by their parents, because their parents don't like who they are interested in. Annie Stone is an A+, 14 year old student, while Justin is an D student, also 14, struggling at school, plus home. Annie and Justin will face hard decisions and go threw anything and everything to be together.


2. Things Might Get Better.

As I ran downstairs to get my parents to stop fighting, my Dad suddenly became my hero, saying what I couldn't say to my Mom.
"I think Justin Ryan is a wonderful, smart, and good looking young man. The poor soul thinks you've gone crazy, Kennedy! I'm the boss in this house, and what I say, goes. You can't expect Annie to date the type of young men you want her to date. Don't you remember? You went against your mother until she let you date me. Your Mother didn't think I was good enough for you, but you proved her wrong. Baby, lets give Justin a chance. And if you end up being right, then Annie won't see Justin anytime soon. But if her and I are right, you'll have to accept that, the way your Mother did too" My Mom and I were just standing there, froze. My Dad, Dakota, was more of the shy guy. He never spoke back to my Mom as long as I could remember. But today, today was the day he did, for the first time, and I was there to see it happen. They both turned their heads, looking directly at me. I ran into my Dad, giving him a hug. My Mom didn't join the hug. My Mom walked over to the coat hanger, grabbed her coat, and almost left. My Dad had stopped her.
"Kennedy, Baby, I love you. You and Annie are my whole world. Don't leave. Sit with me, chat. Just whatever you do, don't leave. Please. I need you" He pulled out a pink rose out of her coat pocket and gave it to her. "See? I remembered the rose, I remember everything that brought us together today" I started to cry, and so did my Mom. She hugged my Dad for a really long time. The smile on his face had made me feel better. I knew how much my Dad really cared about my Mom. She ran over to me, and gave me a big hug too.
"I'm sorry, Annie. I'll call Justin. We'll have him over tomorrow, again, for supper. If you're happy, then so am I" That made me feel better, knowing my Mom was going to try and start fresh with Justin. "Things might get better" I thought to myself, still hugging my Mom.

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