Annie & Justin.

Two lovers are separated from each other by their parents, because their parents don't like who they are interested in. Annie Stone is an A+, 14 year old student, while Justin is an D student, also 14, struggling at school, plus home. Annie and Justin will face hard decisions and go threw anything and everything to be together.


3. Parents Past Came To The Door.

Dear Diary:
My Mom is nice enough to call back Justin to see if he can come over again. I'm so happy today! Nothing could ruin my mood. Annie. November 11th 2012. 

The door bell rang within 20 minutes after my Mom called Justin. I was all ready in my baby blue dress, with blue flats on my feet, and my hair was straighten. I answered the door, and it wasn't Justin. It was a man who looked a lot like him though. He was tall, brown, flat hair. He looked very angry, like he was ready to attack. "I'm Brock Ryan" said the man. My Dad came just around the corner as soon as he said that, dropping his cup of coffee on the floor. "Justin and Annie will see no more of one another. I don't like you Stone's and my Son certainly won't be in a relationship with one anytime soon" I stood in shock, tears rolling down my face. "I'm Annie your talking too, and I will date Justin no matter what you say, even my Mother and Father like-" I was cut off by my Dad. "You sir need to get over the past. My Annie shall not date your son, and your son, Justin, needs to stay away from us Stones. We wouldn't want his bad behavior rubbing off on our daughter" He then slammed the door, and stood there, his face blood shot red. "Dad! What's the matter with you?! I LOVE Justin!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He then grabbed my arm, causing so much pain. "I don't care. The Ryan's will hurt you, they aren't good people. Just trust me, please baby" He started to cry, and my heart broke into millions and millions of pieces.

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