Annie & Justin.

Two lovers are separated from each other by their parents, because their parents don't like who they are interested in. Annie Stone is an A+, 14 year old student, while Justin is an D student, also 14, struggling at school, plus home. Annie and Justin will face hard decisions and go threw anything and everything to be together.


1. Life Isn't Fair.

Dear Diary: 
This isn't happening. No, it's not. My Mom is lying to me. She LIKES Justin Ryan, and I DO love him. So what if he isn't an A+ student? And so what if he and his parents don't get along 24/7? Me and my Mom don't get along 24/7 for sure! Justin was so kind to her, he even let her judge him, right to his face. I mean, how rude can my Mom get?! She can't see that I'm Fourteen now, I can make my own decisions like on what I'll do once I'm totally out of school, who I'll date, etc. I'm just having a bad day.. She just doesn't understand me. Annie. November 10th 2012.  

The only reason why I stopped writing in my Diary was because I could hear my parents fighting from upstairs, and at the time, they were downstairs! And the only reason why I had a Diary was because if I was ever going to have kids, I wanted to give them something that was mine from when I was a child. "Annie will never date that boy. He isn't good enough for her" I heard my Mom tell my Dad. "More like he isn't good enough for you" I whispered to myself. My Mom was a picky person. My Mom, Kennedy, has short, red hair that was straight as a whip. Her and I looked sort of alike though. I had long, red hair that flows down from my head like waves. That's all we had in common. She was short, while I was tall. She liked classical music, while I was into more of the Pop music. She hated meat, while I could live off it. She hardly spent any time in my childhood, which was another reason why we couldn't get along. She wanted me to date a boy who was like me. Good grades, good at piano, guitar, flute, and voice. Plus, Mom dreams of him being rich too, just like us. She wanted perfection in the boys I've dated and the boys I will date, but she doesn't understand the truth: You can't always get what you want.

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