History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


4. Whiplash

Micky's POV

I told him, I finally told him. Ever since 'that day' I have. I have never seen him as more then friends before that. He is just so sweet and caring. And he did not let me go when I was sick, or when I was crying. I only noticed these things when I started going into comas. I had dreams of the times we spent together. Playing soccer, sneaking into movies, swimming in the public pools when they were closed, buying out all the sour candies in a small candy shop, planking, sneaking into photos that people we do not even know are taking, and even when we use to role in mud and kiss each other's noses.

It took me long enough to realize it. Maybe if I realized my feelings for him earlier, it would have been easier for use to just kiss then and there. And probably, we would have not been home and maybe on a date the day that man with the gun came. I would not have cancer due to stress, and I would be happy.

The only reason why I why I told him that I loved him now, was because I know, for a fact, that I am not okay. And I know for a fact that no surgery could fix my problem.

Only if the cancer did not already spread to my brain, I would be able to kiss Niall on the beach, in front of one of our sand castles. The worst part is that I do not even know if he loves me back. But it gets worse. It is between me and the doctors that I only have less than a year to live, yet they keep me in this hospital because if I leave, it would just get worse. I hate this so bad, that it hurts my heart.

Niall's POV

She told me that she loves me. No more questions asked. But there is still one though: Do I, and will I ever, love her back?


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