History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


3. The After Shock

Niall's POV

Micky has stomach cancer. At that moment then and there I stopped crying and just looked into space. Micky has stomach cancer. That is why she was vomiting blood. Why. Why did this have to happen to Micky and I. We are good kids, always did our homework, never late to school, and never build others. We were even respectful to our parents. It is scary that it only took 1 man, and 1 gun to strip us both of our innocents and our feelings of security. And maybe even our friendship. Micky may never want to talk to me ever again after what I did to her. The best friend that I ever had would be gone. I hate the thought.

"Hey son, it was a good thing you went over to Micky's house to play soccer thought." my dad said.

"Why was that a good thing, if I was not at her house, her stomach cancer would have not have gotten worse, she would still be the virgin that she wanted to be, and we would have still been friends!" I shout getting louder in each word.

"If you were not there ate the house to hold Micky's had and protect her, she would have been dead." my dad said with a steady voice.

Just hated the fact that it was either this or her being dead.

I do not know what I would do if Micky was dead. I would probably think of killing myself actually. I know that sounds a bit selfish but, without Micky around dead or alive, I would feel depressed no matter what. She is like my rock, the best soccer playing rock in the world. I had guy friends, but it was just that Micky was always there for me even if it was a Monday night and she was really busy.

Before that day me nor Mickey had never kissed anybody. And still to this day we have not had our first kiss. I promised her that on 'that day'. Even though we might just be friends, she is the only best friend I have. That only proves that fact about how much I want to go see her right now. I want to see if she is awake or not, I want to go see if her stomach hurts. I want to go see if she is okay. I want to see if she is still my best friend or....... or... or not.

"Niall, you are going to stay in the hospital for two more days, then you are going to come back home okay?" My mother says finally snapping out of her shock from me telling her that I had sex with Micky.

"Okay, but when would I be able to see Micky?" I ask them.

"I do not know Niall......" my dad starts.

"But me and your father will talk to the doctors to see if we could arrange something okay? So do not worry." My mom finishes.

"Okay." I say flatly still worried about Micky.

"Well darling we have to go now, but we will see tomorrow okay?" my mom says.

"In two day? why not tomorrow?" I ask confused.

"Me and your father have a court date. The case is going to be kept secret for the sake of Micky's and your being, but we promise we will come and see you earlier if we can." My mom reassures me.

"Okay then, bye love you." I tell them both.

"Bye Niall, we love you too." my dad said, whilst my mom kisses me on the forehead.

At that, they leave them room and close the door and I am left with my thoughts and my thoughts only. I cannot stop thinking about Micky and what we did. She cried through the whole thing. Just remembering that made me want to cry. Now all I want to do is give Micky a big hug just like when we were in her room and just cry together. Breathing in each other's shoulders. Hold each other close so we do not fall down. And shut our eyes hoping that everything would just disappear. And only if it did, that I would not take life for grated and defiantly take a friend like Micky for granted or even ever think about taking her for granted.

A doctor walked in the room stopping my trail of thought. He looks at me then sits on the chair next to me.

"Your friend Micky has just woken up again, and she was asking for you. We are wondering if you would like to go see her quickly before she slips back into the comma?" The doctor tells me.

I answered with a quick nod of the head, then followed the doctor to the room right next to mine. I walked in and I saw her blue eyes fixate on mine. Then I noticed all the whirring she was tied to. I walked to her bed, and the doctor left us alone in the room. I sat on the chair that was on her right side.

"Uhhmm.... hi." I said timidly.

"Uhhmm.... hi." she also says with the same ton of voice.

All she could do is turn her head because all the things she was attached to.

"Well, the doctor said that I can get the..... thing removed!" she say trailing of in the middle of the sentence.

"The cancer you mean." I say and automatically her smile fades.

"Yeah, that. And also some good news is that I am not pregnant. Yeah." she says awkwardly.

"That is great, yeah." I say responding with equal awkwardness.

There is a silence between us before we both say at the same time, "Are we still friends?"

We look at each other for a while not know what to say.

"I am still your friend, as long as you want to be....." she looks at me with unsure eyes.

"Well I am still your friend as long as YOU want to be...." I say unsure myself.

"Well, do you want to be?" she asks me.

"I don't know, do YOU want to be?" I repeat.

"Actually, I really want to be, I do not know what I would do without you honestly. I would be dead if it was not for you Niall Horan." he looks at me with a smile.

That makes me smile."Well that is great, I really do not want to lose the best friend I have ever had." I reply flattered. Then, the smile on my face quickly fades. "If it weren't for me, you would still have your virginity." I say angry with myself.

Micky looks at me in the eyes and say " Niall, I could not have lost it to anybody sweeter, more caring, and smarter than you." she tells me flashing a big smile then blushes.

Of course that only made me blush, then I leaned in to kiss her nose. We always use to do that when we were younger, until we found out that that meant that we were a couple. Then said "I feel the exact same way about you." That only made her blush more.

I sat next to her for the rest of day and just talked to her about the plans we made earlier at the start of summer vacation. We talked about how we would go to the beach without our parents and make sand castles all day long, how we would sneak into a festival and just enjoy the music, how we were going to catch a bus to down town Mulgar and just buy a bunch of chocolate and candy for the bus ride back.

All of these things did not involve our parents, and they all involved us doing it together.

"I am getting out of here in two days, how about you?" I asked her.

" If the surgery goes well, in 3 weeks tops." she said disappointed.

"Hmmmm..... that means our plans would have to be delayed and probably we would have to go surfing near the end of summer, eh?" I tell her.

" Yeah, I guess so. I just really hope that you don't find some other girl to go do it with, you understand me Mr?" she says with a serious voice.

"I would never replace you Micky and you know that." I reassure her.

"Yeah, but they are, dare I say, girls who are just as awesome as me out there." she says.

"What has gotten in to you, you are the one and only Micky! I do not here other kids being born in Disney world in the Micky Mouse suite! And I do not know or am going to look for any girls who are not even close to your awesomeness. Finding a girl like you, IMPOSSIABLE!" I tell her.

"Well glad to hear it Horan, these are one of the many reasons why I love you." she says.

"Wai- what?" I ask in shock, that is when the doctor says that I have to leave because it is time for both of us to catch some sleep. I look into Micky's eyes and she looks disappointed once again. The doctor opens the door and I have no choice but to walk out of the room and leave with a question buzzing in my mind.

Did Micky Mouw just say that she loves me?


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