History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


9. Replacing Me Part 2

Micky's POV

"Niall?" I say, wondering where I could be.

"Niall?" I say once again.

I am on a soccer field, and am the only one on it. Standing on the side lines, waiting for Niall to come back from getting water for both of us, but the only problem, was that was fifteen minutes ago. Where could he been, were could he have gone, could someone have taken him?

I walk to the center of the field, hoping to see a better view of were Niall might be. I turn around to the bleachers and see if he is anywhere near there, when all of a sudden, something knocks me down from behind. At this point, by face is in the hot grass, and before I could complain, it was out of the grass, and now facing the sky. But something was blocking my view of the sky. That was Niall's head. He laid on top of me, holding my arms down to the now warm grass.

"Hey! You called?" he says with a big smile on his face.

"Geez, and yes I did. Were where you?" I ask him.

"Getting water." he says, taking a water bottle out of his pocket.

"For fifteen minutes, Ny, I got worried." I say, flashing a bit of my worry to him.

He shy's, then says, "I am sorry." then get up, getting off of me, then helping me up.

"Can I have a hug?" he asks me, and I nod willingly.

He comes closer to me, wrapping he arms around me, while I did the same to him. He squeezed me tightly, and rocked me side to side. I started to giggle at how he was hugging me, and he started to giggle too as he dug his chin into my shoulder. I followed what he did, and we just stayed like that for a long while. That is when I notice there is something lumpy in his pocket. I slowly dropped one of my arms, and started to pats the area of his butt.

"Mick! .......What are you doing?" he asks slowly.

That is when I quickly reach in his pocket and grab something square. I break away from the hug and take a better look at it. It looks like it is a little book with a padlock on it, but it seems that the lock is not on the book.

"What, how did you, give it back!" he says.

He tries to snatch it, but I move my hand away, looking at the little book more. I notice how it has the words, 'Diary' across it. i eye brown automatically shoot up.

"Ohhh, a diary huh." I say mockingly.

"Give it." he says.

"But I want to see.." I say.

"Fine, you could look at the covers." he says.

"I seeing the inside." I say, running off to the bleachers.

"What?" I hear Niall say in the distance.

He begins to run after me. I open the book taking a little rest from running when I reach the bleachers, and I look for an entry from today. when I find one, I see that Niall has caught up to me, so I decide to start running again, but this time, across the field. I begin to read out loud.

"August 5th, 2004. I am going to the soccer field with Micky. Man oh Man do I hope she does not beat me up in this game again. I really don't like losing to her, she brags a lot." I say  out loud.

I then put my hand t my heart, showing that I feel hurt from hearing that. I continue.

"Anyway, when we arrived at the soccer field, she does the worst thing she could possibly do....beat me again. That really sucks." I say, taking a break from reading to laugh a bit.

"Micky! Stop running so fast!" Niall says, fighting to catch up with me.

"Well too bad." I yell across the field, sticking out my tongue.

" I just told Micky that I am going to run and get some water for both of us, just to buy time to write in you. I can't stop think about it to focus on playing with her. That girl is on my mind, I can't get her off of it. Even when I hear her na-" I get cut off when I bump into Niall, and he snatches the book away from me out of no were.

He then holds the sides of my face and kisses me. And for a while.

"No more!" he then says pulling away.

"But I want to know who the gir-"

"No more!" he then says again.

I take a deep breath, then say, "Fine."

"You want to go home now?" he asks.

"Sure, but I am wondering, why does your lips taste fruity?" I asks.

"Cause I just might of had ice-cream?" he said.

"Niall! Without me? You are taking me for ice-cream before we go home!" I yell.

"Okay, okay. I owe it to you anyway!" he yells back.

"Good." I say.

We reach a one way street that we need to cross to get on the right way to the ice-cream parlor. Niall drops something, and he bends over to pick it up, but I decide to cross the street by myself.

I feel a rush of wind, blow past me, then i feel the air knocked out of me.

*I wake up*

I am gasping for air, at this point, not being able to remember how to breath. When I open my eyes, it is not dark, but dim. I move to sit up in my bed, and all of a sudden, the lights turn on. I then bend my bed up right. Getting a look at the time on the electric clock.

It seems that it is 11pm..sorry am.....Niall. I remember how he kissed me, but I thought the commas were suppose to be memories, not dreams...this confuses me. I don't know what to believe anymore.

I see that on one of the tables, there is breakfast. But I was not hunger. I felt for snacking though, so I grabbed a juice box that this time read 'purple cherry'. Which to me, mad no sense what so ever. But I still drank it. I also ate something call veggie chips. They pretty much look like different coloured hollow rectangular tubes. But they taste good to me.

I then put down my snacks, and take a shower. The shower was automatic, so as soon as i stepped in, it blasted me with warm water, then it told me to close my eyes and mouth as it covered me in sweet smelling phone. After, it dispensed a lupha, which I picked up, and scrubbed myself down with. When done that, it told me to put the lupha, back in the dispenser hole, and I did as it said, and before i could pull my arm back to my side, the show latterly drenched me with one blast of water. It was almost like somebody empted a barrel of water on my head.

After that, nothing happened. I was quite dazed from what happened. I just stood there wide eyed, looking at the sign in front of it that said, 'DONE' in bold. I then started to laugh, realizing, that was probably the most fun shower she has ever taken. The shower than spoke again.

"Go to station two, the dryer." and it repeated it over and over again, until I stepped out of the shower, and then went into something that was labeled 'Station 2'.

I hesitantly walk into the little open boxed room, and right at that moment, air stated to blow in every direction. After standing there for about a minute I felt like I was sky diving or something. But right when I stated to enjoy it, it turned off, and I noticed that I was dry. I step out of the weird contraption, and walk straight into my closet were I find white stalking, a pink skirt, and a white quarter sleeve. They were not set out, but the combination clicked in my head like two opposite ends of a magnet.

I reach for the outfits and put them on. Realizing how cold I am, I decide to take the first cardigan I see. it turns out to be a bright colour of blue. Just when I was about to walk out of the closet, I forgot to get a pair of shoes. I then pick up a pair of shiny Uggs, and move on out of the room.

When I walk in, I am stunned at how the television turned on, and the blinds over the fish bowl like window, pulled its self across, meeting the wall. Just like that, the room comes to life. I look at the time, and see that it is fifteen minutes to twelve. Close to lunch. That only leaves me to think if I should go to the lounge and eat lunch, or to eat lunch in my room.

I converse about this in my head, but I make a choice when I see the promo of the lounge on the TV. It looked like to have a lunch area, and also a large room for conversation, games, and snacks specialized for each and every teen. It seems a bit scary, but I go for it and walk out of my room for the first since I have arrived. With great excitement, I close my door, and then realize that I can't remember were to go. I see an escort pop up right behind me, and takes me to the lounge.

The big large doors to the lounge slide open, and I see teenagers scattered all over a large space. It is almost quiet, but the murmurs of the voices makes it not as quiet. I walk in, and look around me, turning slowly around absorbing everything that my eyes cannot believe to see.

I see multiple glass rooms with people in them, but not too many. Probably the most people I can see in one room is about ten people. My attention soon is taken by a huge window, probably bigger than the one in my room. I walk over to the window, a peer out of it. I see snow falling, snowflake by snowflake. It is not a blizzard, but it is not storming. It is the perfect steady fall of snow I have ever seen in my life. It was perfectly beautiful. I then get a look of not many, but other building far away, built like card board boxes, staking at different heights. i have never seen something like this before. Just to this degree.

I decide to move my right hand to touch the window screen. My hand quickly gets cold, but I still look and smile at my hand when I pull it back. It looked colder than it would be in Ireland.

Watching my hand, the corner of my eye catches something that throws me off guard. I do a double take, and look down. I see how the floor is nothing but a clear glass. Well probably not glass, but it is see through. Out of pulse, I bend down and look through the flooring. I have never ever seen anything like this before. The whole concept of this just amazes me. I get on all fours, and crawl around the clear floor, looking beneath me at every chance I get. I then lean back on the heels of my feat, still with my knees on the floor looking around me.

I stop in my tracks when I see a boy in blue jeans and a red t-shirt on. He had brown hair from what I could see. I automatically blushed. He smiled and walked up to me. I take my time to get up off my knees.

"You don't have to stop doing what you are doing because of me you know?" the boy said.

"Oh, well okay." I say timidly.

I am not use to meeting new people. When I was with Niall going through school, I never had to worry about finding friends. He always was in my class. Always.

"Do you mind if I join you?"he asked now on the glassy part of the floor.

"I don't mind." I tell him with a smile.

That brings up a smile on his face, which does not help wipe this stupid grin off my face.

"What are you doing anyway?" he asks me sitting down on his bottom.

"Oh, well I am just looking down and stuff, this is my first time here so...yeah." I say, ending the sentence awkwardly.

All he does is smile at me.

"Were are you from?" he asks.

"I'm from Ireland." I say, not bothering to go into to detail in what part.

"Cool, I am from some random part in Brittan. When did you get here?" he wonders.

"Just yesterday night." I say.

"Sorry, my name is Max, what is yours?" he says, realizing that he has not asked or introduced himself to me.

"Nice to meet you Max, I am Micky." I say sticking out my hand.

"Oh, like Micky mouse?" he asks.

"Yeah, sort of, but without the 'e' " I explain to him.

"Now that, I have never heard of." he says with a big smile.

I am confused if he is flirting with me, or wants to be my friend. All I could do is just smile back. He was not ugly, nor was he a jerk from what I can see...I guess I don't have the right to complain about somebody wanting to spend time with me.

I feel the glassy looking floor vibrate. Like that, I lose my cool.

"What the!" I say.

Max starts to laugh.

"Relax, relax, they are just doing some construction down on the ground there." he says, still laughing.

"Oh, well they should not set it up to scare me like that." I say.

"I have to agree." he says.

As I look down, trying to see if I can spot exactly where they are doing the construction, I hear Max say something, but it was not directed to me.

”Hey man, what's up?" Max tells someone.

"Nothing much. Who is that?" the guy asks, lowering his voice to asks him the question.

"Oh, this is Micky."

I then look up, seeing a boy with curly light brown hair. It looked interesting how he smiled. Two lines appeared at the sides of his nose, and his smile was pretty small, but big enough for me to see his teeth. I return his smile with not much of one, but I still curve my lips.

"Hi." I say simply.

"H-hi, uhm.. my n-name is......is Jay." he says, pulling his fingers to the back of his head of hair, then roles out a big sigh.

A big smile reveals its self on my face, and I start to laugh. I can hear Max snort a bit, then he lets out the laugh that was locked up in his gut with a roar. It seems that Jay is blushing a bit. Max notices this as well, and eases up on the laughing. He then puts the side of his hand to the corner of his mouth and whispers to me.

"He is not much when he talks to girls." he says.

Jay most probably heard what Max said. He flashes a bit of a worried face, and then forces a smile that none the less falls, as his emotion of embarrassment surfaces.

" Why are you so nervous, I am not going to eat you." I say jokingly.

"Y-yeah, I know." he says, trying to pass of the statement as coolly as possible.

"Hey, Jay! We need you for a game!" I hear another boy call out from no were.

"Oh thank god." I hear Jay whisper under his breath.

"Well I have to go! N-nice meeting you Micky, see you later man." he says, gesturing to me, then turning to his buddy Max.

He then walks away, but still in site.

"So...Uhm....I was think...well, maybe....you know.....you want t-" Max begins, but then it hits me.

As I watch Jay walk down that hallway, with his hair bouncing to the rhythm of his steps, and his hands nervously shoved in his pocket, I all of a sudden feel that feeling of good friendship like I use to have with Niall...well before I felt that dying feeling inside me for him.

Jay, quickly turns his head around, and that is when our eyes click, just like that. He then quickly snaps his head back to the direction he was going in, then turn a corner, knocking him out of site.

I feel warm fingers on the palm of my hand. I quickly grasp the fingers with my hand, holding it like it was a life line. I see Max right in front of me, just staring at me, tilting his head, then turning to the direction Jay went in. A smile popped on his face when he started to focus on my eyes.

"What?" I ask as he continues to stare into my eyes.

"Oh, nothing." he says now picking up my fingers, then sneaks his face right around then like he was hiding a face behind them.

"No really, what?" I ask, confused at what he was hinting at.

He puts down my fingers." You know that me and Jay are really good friends? We should hang out with him more." he says looking at me with a light smile on, lips curved and everything.

"Sounds cool to me. And you were saying something about something you wanted to do?" I say, remembering the things he rambled about before I tuned out.

"Oh, that. Yeah, I was just wondering if you wanted to talk some more or if you are getting hungry." he says smoothly.

"Oh, I could talk some more, unless you are hungry, I could eat as well with you?" I ask, not wanting to sound demanding.

" Oh, just had something bout and hour ago, I am good. We could defiantly talk some more." Max tells me.

At first we talked about stuff....I don't know, like our favorite foods and or favorite colour and facts like that.

After about a long time, we ended up drifting off to relationships and stuff.

We are lying on our back, side by side on the see through vibrating glass.

"I have never had a boyfriend nor kissed anyone, you?" I say quickly.

"Oh really. Wow." he says.

"What?" I asks, once again confused.

"It is just..nothing. Well, I have had two girl friends and i have never kissed any of them, but I have had my first kiss." he says, not dipping into detail.

"Really? Who was your first kiss with?"

"It was this kid named Adrian. I was like, well, it was two months ago back home."

"That soon! Darn, I could have been your first kiss! Only if I came here a bit earlier." I say kiddingly.

He turns to me, then smiles.

"Yeah...but I think he would have gotten to me either way." Max says staring into my eyes, nervously.


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