History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


7. Replacing Me Part 1

Micky's POV

I look out the window, and all I see is a blank sheet of blue paper...........moving paper........grey, black, dark....pa-

"Micky?" I hear someone say.

"Micky......wake up Micky..." the person continues.

I feel a gentile warmth come across my back. As soon as that warmth starts to cool, I miss it, then beg for it back.

"Come on Micky, just wake up, then I promise that I will not stop..." he says

"I am awake." I say, slowly turning over, opening my eyes. I feel uncomfortable because of the blazing light that welcomes my pupils.

"Ow." I say plainly, turning on my side to see the figure sitting on the chair across from me.

"Well somebody is a bit crabby..." he tells me.

I groan,"Where am I?" I ask quite confused.

"You are in the hospital." he tells me.

"Why?" I say annoyed, turning on the other side of the bed, rubbing my eyes.

"Because you fell off your bike." he says casually.

"Ohhh....?' I say, barley having a hold on reality.

"I was staying late in study hall. I ran here as soon as I heard about it." he tells me.

That is when I then I snap out it, and turn to him. I finally saw who 'him' was.

"Really? All the way from school." I said, in a hard to believe tone. And it was hard to believe.

"Well, I ran for 2 minutes, realized that I could not do it, and called a cab to take me the rest f the way." Niall tells me.

"Haha, I knew it." I said.

"The important part is that I am here, and I now know for sure that you are okay....wait, are you okay?' Niall asks me with a suddenly concerned voice.

"Yeah, besides the fact that I feel drugged." I say.

"Oh, well I am sure that you would be fine." he reassures me.

"I am not complaining, I'm actually liking it a bit." I say. I fell the smile growing on my face. Then, I start to laugh for no apparent reason.

"Ha, what is so funny?" Niall asks me.

All I could do was continue to laugh, up until a point where, both me and Niall were laughing.

"Niall, I am glad you came, you really know how to bring a person's spirit back up." I say, still giggling a bit.

"Oh really?" he asks, also giggling.

"Yeah." I tell him.

" I did not even know I was trying." he says.

"Really?' I asks, confused about an answer that really had no question to it.

"Hey, I guess I am that good huh? Actual, I am that good." he says, changing his question into a statement.

"As long as you are here you are." I say, evidently not wanting him to leave. I need someone to laugh with, and to tell me the answers to the homework we got today.

"I will always come to the rescue, even if I am in the middle of a test." he says with a big smile.

"More like especially when you are doing a test?" I correct him.

"Oh, you know me so well." Niall tells me.

He laughs, then I laugh, then we are both laughing once more, unable to stop.

I wake up.

"We are here Ms.Mouw." a lady says, while she escorts me out of the plain.

I blankly follow the lady out of the plain, and into a limo.

That dream really makes me think. Does Niall really care anymore? I want him to care, but the real question is does he. At least I know for sure that he use to. That is good enough, for now.

In the matter of fifteen minutes, the limo stopped, and the door was opened for me. When I stepped out, a big expensive looking building stood in front of me. Tall, shiny, and covered in a brightly coloured glass. There held a large 'H' on top of it all. It reminded me of a cake topper at a wedding. Probably an event that I would never be able to experience firsthand. But that does not mean anything now, I am here. I am at a place that could portentously save my life. I might have a chance to have a wending, or at least live to see many. Now knowing that probably close to no one would want to marry me. I am in a place where I do not know their language, and I can't go back to Ireland, because I would be taken over my child services. This sucks.

I finally reach my way into the building, and when I do, I see a front desk and two large TVs showing a ongoing slid show of pictures. Pictures of the interior of the hospital, and the kids and teenagers staying there. It looks like there are in some lounge or something, there is not one picture of a kid in bed. An interesting approach for promoting.

The lady who is my escort told me to take a seat on one of the many empty chairs in the room of the front office. I nod then work my way, having no troubles finding a seat in the, what seems to be, deserted rows of seats. there is nobody there except for me, myself, and I.

I continue to watch the TV, but only out of utter and complete boredom. As I look at the screen, I see the words straight across it, 'A hospital which never feels like a hospital'. Their slogan, I think to myself.

After for sitting for a while longer I hear a conversation in another room. The room were my escort is. I listen in on it.

"Ohh, back again huh?" the lady at the front desk says.

"Yup, but this would be his final time." I hear a lady say.

"Well that is very good news, Are you excited about that?" the front desk lady asks someone, who I am guessing is the boy there.

"Yup, really happy about it! But I have to say that I would miss my friends here." the boy says.

"Oh, well I am sure you would see them again, maybe when you are travelling." the woman at the desk says.

"Yeah, maybe." I hear the boy say again.

"Alright, well darling, go ahead and take a seat." I hear the lady say, not the front desk lady, but the same lady that I heard earlier.

"Aright." the boy says, mimicking the lady's tone.

Boy's POV

I walk into the very familiar waiting room, and I see a girl with brown hair and bright bright blue eyes watching the TV. I don't think I have seen her before, actually, I defiantly have never seen anything like her before. I take a second step closer into the room, and then she looks at me. Our eyes lock for a second, then she looks away.

Out of no were, I feel a sharp pain stab me in the chest. I clutch the spot with pain, hoping that t would go away. I turn around and call my mother, but in an indoor like voice so I would not draw much attention to myself.

As my mom hears me, I turn around and walk towards her. She sees me and automatically ask in concern if I was okay.

Thinking for about a second, the pain just completely stop, almost as if it froze. My muscles slowly relaxed, then I slowly unclenched my chest, then said a simple, "Never mind, I am fine now." then I continue my way to the waiting room.

I work my way to the spot I was at when I first walked in, then stopped. Waiting for my chest to rip my muscles in half, burning everything inside. But nothing happens. I gather the confidence to continue on and walk further into the room.

I stop in my tracks to pick up a piece of trash, and toss it in the trash from where I am standing. I get it in, and I raze my arms in triumph, and notice the girl looking at me. I totally forgot about her. She looks, then claps at me for the shot, and I bowed down twice, showing the appreciation to the applause. When she sees me bow, she starts to giggle. I let out a little giggle myself, hearing how funny her giggles are.

We both stop giggling at the same time. Then I slyly walk out of the room with a large smile. She is too funny. As I turn once more before leaving the room, and I see her with a large smile on her face as well. That is when I feel a short but very painful stab in the left side of my chest. I wince, making me forget quickly about the smile on the funny girl's face. I don't let my mother see me like this, but only put on the same smile, but fake when I walk towards her. Though short, it still had an after effect on everything that I was able to feel in my body. And man did I ace. But I soon get over it as my mother tells me goodbye and the front desk lady gets one of the escorts to bring me to my room.

As I enter the elevator, I see the girl with an escort, coming towards my way. She walks into the same elevator as I am in, and her escort follows her into the room. My muscles begin to feel sore again, but I force myself to ignore it.

My escort presses the button to level 12. The girls escort presses the button to level 22. My escort comments on the level she is going to.

"Wow, you get a killer view huh?"

"Yeah, I guess." she says with a little giggle.

That makes me smile a bit, remembering again how her giggle is funny.

"Common! You can't wait to see your room can you?" my escort says.

"I don no,  I am guessing that it would be like any other hospital room I guess." the girl says.

"Trust me, these hospital rooms are nothing like any other hospital room. You will see." my escort says.

Before she can respond, the doors of the elevator open. My escort gives her and her escort a nod and I follow him out of the elevator. I turn around once more before the elevator doors completely close, and I catch her giving me a quick look. I turn away quickly, and my muscles gives an intense shock, only reminding me more of the sore muscles. I walk with my escort to my room, which I cannot wait until I lie down, and hopefully get a chance to talk to her. Something tells me that me and her can be somewhat of friends. But from her Irish accent, I barely think I would be able to see her ever again after I leave the hospital.

Micky's POV

As the elevator leaves the 12th floor, I stop and think about how earlier, was the first time I have smiled, since I was in that hospital room with Niall.

When I think about it, it seems like forever! And I am glad that I am smiling again, I think that I just might like it here. But I still don't understand  what that escort meant by how the hospital rooms were not like any hospital room? All I know is that I am excited to see.

Before I could except the fact that I left the 12th, I was already at the 20th floor, soon to reach the 22nd. In about thirty seconds, I reached my floor, and was brought to my room after passing two rooms on the right. When my escort opens the door, I was astonished by the largeness and the openness, if that is even a word, of the room. There are a bunch of tiny lights spree all over the room, and a very large TV in the front center showing the something I was looking at down stares. There was a large bed aligned with the TV at the other side of the room, and when I say big, I mean king sized. I see the machines  at one side of it, but it is completely taken over by the large round window view that starched from one side of the room to another, reaching from the ceiling to the floor. It almost reminded me of a fish bowl.

Scattered all over the room were bottles of what my escort tells me is organic drinks fit for my condition, and also special Russian treat, specially made just for me.

When I looked at the same side as the TV, in the corner, I spotted a bathroom. I walked into the bathroom, and it was a very very large personal bathroom just for me, with a big walk in shower, looking like it was built for five, a 'throne' which had arm rest at the sides of it, and a bunch of buttons, which I was informed was for warming the seat, and many other thing. The thing that really got me in wow! Is the big mirror at the end of the bathroom, with lights tracing it, and a large sink to finish it. There was a door, connected the bathroom to a walk in closet, stocked with clothing my size, and with a bunch of different, yet simple styles. When I say simple, I mean the classic pants and long or short sleeve shirt. Or I could choose a skirt with a choice of different coloured tights.

There was different shoes from supras, to toms, to the original sneaker, and there even was a choice of sandal.

Before my escort left, he told me I was able to order things from makeovers to spa treatment just to keep me entertained, and he handed me a little brochure stating all of the information and having the answers to all of my questions, to do with my room and the services and things I could do.

When the escort finally left, I grabbed a juice box written as orange lemonade, and took a seat on my adjustable bed that startled me when I found out that it vibrated as well.

When I opened the brochure, the first thing I saw was that there was a lounge that you had a choice to go to between the times of 8:00am to 9:55pm. It was on the 26th floor, and it was for kids between the ages of 13-16. All I had to do was ring in my escort.

Man, was this place fancy, I feel like a millionaire.

Thinking about all the things I could do in this place tomorrow makes me completely forget about the reason why I was here. Because of my cancer. All I could think about before I fall asleep in the comfortable sleeping cloths with a heart rate bracelet connected to my wrist, is the fun I would have the next day. But the only problem is that I feel myself slipping. I feel my muscles relax, and my mind wonder. I feel the bed gently rocking, then spinning, then raising then falling. But all in a calm manner. It almost felt like I was moving on a cloud. this is the feeling I always get when I am slipping. That is how I know.

All I see is Niall, as I finally fall into the coma. A part of me does not want to come out of it, but another part wants be to come out, only to come back in later.


"Mickey!" I hear Niall scream.

I feel a rise of concern, and I feel like screaming from what I see when I finally reach him.

Oh snap! cliffhanger...I think

I am sorry for this chapter to take so long. I am honetly just purlely lazy. ohh well. I want to update tomorrow so get ready!

And tell me ur fav part in the book so far, and if not favorite part, the first and or biggest WOW! moment when reading the book!



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