History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


13. Eating Away the Feelings part.1


Micky's POV
                I collect myself after scattering my mind, what seems to be everywhere and find the will to get up with the assistance of Max of course. We finally decide to start moving towards the food table, and half-way there, I am already able to walk all by myself. When I reach for the station, Max picks me up a plate while retrieving himself one as well. I take a look at the multiple buffet like stations standing in the large ball room like multiple strip islands with people's names on them, as said in the brochure, they do specialize every bodies meals. I scan the isles, searching for my name. After a while of this, Max then pipes up and says, "You know they arrange the station by....'condition'." I look at him, then he speaks up again. "So, you should be looking in the 'M' isle, more the 'C' isle, but when you get there, you have to look for your name then."

                What he tells me doesn't bother me, but then it raises a question high inside me.

"Which isle are you going to look in?" I asks, remembering how he never told me why he was here, yet I never really stated it clearly either to him.

"Uhmm...I will be looking in the 'M' isle.....then look for the 'S' station....then look for my name." he says, looking down a bit. But I still had no clue what 'condition' he was in, so I persisted.

"Why the extra isle?" I asks, not wanting to be too direct, just in case it was a delicate subject to him.

"That because in the 'mental' section, there are many variations of problems that can happen....up in there." he says giving me a little idea of what 'condition' he was in.......but I still didn't get it. Was he schizophrenic? He never have seemed to wonder off with his thoughts.....he seemed pretty focus.....but again, that to me, and I have only been with him for an hour or three.

Thinking that he very well could be schizophrenic, I didn't bother to ask further, rather picking up my feet again and moving to the 'C' section. But before I could move forward, I am help back, nearly dropping my plate on the floor.

"It's not what you think it is." I hear Max tell me.

"What do you think I am thinking it is?" I reply back, really not wanting to learn more about his situation.

"I don't know, but I am wondering if you do want to know......because I feel I could trust you, and tell you....I am not forcing you though." he says, confusing me.

"It's okay."

"No really, if you want to know, I am f-"

"Then I don't want to know." I say, regretting how rude it came off, but then shuffling away from the thick aired conversation spot.

I honestly didn't want to know, I can't take whatever problems someone else has on me right now, just whatever.

Niall's POV


"I think I actually love her...........and.."


I check the caller ID and I see it is Lexis....or Lexus, I don't care nor re-


"Oh my dear lord!"

"Hello?" I say after answering the phone call finally.

"Hey Nyny, I-"

"You said........................." I completely space out. She called me..why, that what only Micky calls me.......I can't deal with this, I let her leave and she could die right now and-

I hang-up my phone then turn it off, I drop it from my hand.

No,no,no,no....she could be dead right now and they could be calling....I...I.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!!" I am crying at this point. I need to see Micky right now.....no, I can't, I just can't.


I feel so...tired. I just let myself fall on my bed, and I just stop calling....I just stop caring.

Authors note. important, comp.(deep and dark, that the end. well of this chapter, part two is coming most probably not so soon. you will see, mostly I will see. I hope you enjoyed and in the comment, tell me what you think is mentally wrong with Max, the first person who is right......GETS THE PRIVILAGE OF READING MY CHAPTER BEFORE THEY ARE PUBLISHED. and I am telling you that is a plus.)

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