History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


6. Breaking Apart


Mickey's POV

"There is something I need to tell you Mickey, you see, you actually have a chance to live a full and normal life." he tells me.

"Wa-wa-what? I thought, but you said, but the cancer!" I say dazed by the news.

"You have a chance live a full length life, but you would have to wait a week though. "he said.

"Wait, what can save my life, and why do I have to wait?" I ask, still completely shocked from the news.

"Chemotherapy could save your life, and you would have to wait because it would take a bit of time to get you a ticket to Moscow." he tells me with a big smile on his face.

"Wa-wait! Are you talking about the Moscow in Russia?" I ask excited about taking a trip, and a trip that could potentially save my life.

"Yup, that." he tells me, now smiling radiantly with me.

"Wow, thank you." I tell the doctor.

"You're welcome, anything to help a good patient like you Mickey. Now your parents are going to talk to you about the trip and their arrangements." he tells me.

"Oh, there are coming too!" I ask.

"I am sorry to say, but they do not want to come." he tells me now turning serious.

"Why?" I ask with my happiness deflating in each word the doctor says.

"This is why they are here to talk you." he tells me walking out of the room leaving room for my parents to walk in with casts on their arms, and some scars on their faces and body.

"Hello darling." my father said. I could not even speak.

"Well, you might have heard that we are not coming on the trip with you to Russia." my mother says calmly.

"It is not because we can't go, it is just that we do not want to." my mom continues.

Ouch, that really hurt when she said that.

"It is not that we don't care about you.... well it sort of is darling." my dad says.

"Wa-wa-what, you, you are my parents. You don't care about me?" I say crushed by the words they are saying.

"Look, we have just lost respect for you, what do you expect. We come home to get shot and latter on to learn that you had lost your virginity to one of your friends!" my mother's yells.

"I had no choice! I-" I yell but soon to be cut off from my mother again.

"You had a choice, but you just chose to have sex now did you." she yells at me.

Now tears are streaming down my face.\

"If I did not 'do it' I would be putting myself Niall and-" I yell, but yet again, my mother would not let me finish.

"Niall, that stupid boy, you do not have any self respect now do you?" I was extremely shocked and upset from what my mom and dad just have said.

"That is what I thought! I do not care if it was for the sake of us or even your dead grandmother, I am me and your mother are done taking care of you!" my dad barks at me.

"When you get to Russia, stay there because you would not be able to find us or to call whatever house we live in next your home! We are done!" my mother yells then both of my parents get up and leave the room, leaving me to cry.

I automatically stop crying when I remember Niall. I need to say good bye to him. Unless his parents are willing to move to Russia which I might think will happen, I might never be able to see him again.

I ring in the doctor and ask him to give Niall's parents a call in about 2 days. I would like to ask in 2 days because I am not sure if Niall's parents hate me or not as well, and if they do, I need time to regroup from what my parents have just said.

Now Niall is the only reasons why i keep going. I guess that is not that bad, is it?

Niall's POV

When I reach home, my parents are telling me about how they have to go to this parental meeting somewhere, and that i have to go with them. So I went upstairs and took a quick shower and got ready to go.

By the time I got there, I was leaded to a 'kid drop off area' where parents leave there kid to do ultimately nothing while they do there business. As I walk in, there is nobody there except for a girl that looked about my age. She looked at me, and when the door closed behind me she said,

"Finally, somebody else is here to share my boredom!" I smiled at her funny comment and she smiled back.

"My name is Lexus, what is yours?" Lexus asked me.

"My name is Niall, nice to meet you Lexus." I say with a smile shaking her hand. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. She was.....beautiful.

After that, me and Lexus talk for hours on end about, pretty much everything. We got so deep about the conversation that I told her about Micky. She also tells me about one of her deepest secrets that has happened about a month ago.

"My friend, Donovan, rapped me." she told me.

"What? I mean wow, are you okay?" I ask very confused.

"Yeah, I am fine. he was doing some drug and now he is Juvy."

We continued to talk about it, she cried, I cried. We both talked about more things that happened in our life's, which also included us crying more and laughing a lot. My parents told me that it was time to go. I really did not want to go, but I had to leave. I decided to exchange numbers with her to see if we could meet up again. Then she called my name before I could leave.

"Niall, wait." she said.

"What?" I asked

She came up to me and kissed me quickly so nobody can see on the lips. My first kiss.

"I just wanted to say bye." she said shyly.

"Okay then, bye." I said sheepishly while blushing. Then we went or separate ways with each other's phone number in our pockets. By the time I got home, I had already memorized hers.

*** 2 days later

I already went on two dates with Lexus, and I really like her, and she really likes me. We were both eating the chocolates we got for each other in my room when my mother asked me to come to the kitchen for a second.

"Naill, I have some news for you." my mother told me.

"What is it?" I wondered.

"Mickey is moving to Russia to get helped with her cancer, and she is going today." my mother tells me.

"Today, I thought she needed surgery and should would hav3e been fine." I said, very confused.

"Well, it looks like she needs further help, and that help is in Russia." my mother tells me with just as much of a clue as I do.

"hmm, but I am on a date with Lexus, I just can't get up and leave her." I say.

"Well, if you tell her that it is urgent, I pretty sure she would understand." my mother says.

I debate in my head if I should go or not. Micky did say she would be okay, and if I leave Lexus now, she might think that I care about Micky more than I care about her, and that is not true.

"I think I would stay here." I say, with my mind made up.

"Are you sure? Because we are not going unless you want to go." my mother tells me.

"I am sure." is all I tell her before trotting back up the stair to Lexus, who I find sitting on my bed. When I reach her, I give her a kiss and so does she give one to me.

Micky's POV

"I am sorry Micky, but you will have to go now, Niall's parents have contacting us confirming that they would not be able to come." the doctor tells me.

"Are you sure that is what they said, you did not just misunderstand what they said?" i ask as sad as ever.

"Yes, we are all sure, now let's go to the airport." the doctor says to me once more.

I nod my head and I walk out of the hospital and am taken into a car going straight to the airport. When I reach the airport, I take a little bus that leads me right on a private plane. In the matter of hours, I would be in Moscow Russia. I will miss Ireland in many ways, my parents, Niall, actually Niall is actually the only person that I would truly miss. There must have been a very good reason why he could not see me in the hospital right? It just has to be, Niall always put me as is first priority, and there is no way that he found somebody else that is a higher priority than me. He promised that he would not.


Ouch! That must really hurt for Micky!

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