History in the Making

A girl named Micky and a boy named Niall have been best friends since they were 5. One day -when they were both 13- Niall came over to Micky's house to play soccor. While they were playing, somebody broke into Micky's house. Niall and Micky heard the noise inside the house, and when they walked in, a man with a gun told them to go up to a bed room and 'do it', and if they didn't he would have to kill them then kill there families. This book is +12 because of the fact that the book says 'do it' either than that it is clean.
-a Syd! classic


10. Back Home Part 2


"Yes, uhmmm......what is happening with him?" I ask out of full concern.

"Well, ya see, if you were to remember the hypnosis sections we had with Niall, well it looks like we need to freshen them, or the memories we need to cover up, will resurface." the man tries to explain to me.

"Why would that be?" I ask, thinking of the time he said it could be fixed with 'one fixation'.

"I believe I have received a memo about what happened to what I think is about two weeks now, and from the nature of this memo, it seems to be a very serious and traumatizing event for Niall, well I would assume."

"Yes, that is true." I say, trying to find the common ground with the man.

"Well, it is natural for the mind to wander off into memories as the brain is inactive, like for example in sleep, or in daydreaming. Now instead of thinking of happy things, or imagining ideas in let's say his day dreams, he thinks of that day were his life changed completely, well that from my prospective."

"And how does that have to do with the hypnosis we used to cover certain memories?" I ask, questioning the point of this phone call.

"With Niall thinking of those 'bad' thoughts, his mind automatically links those thought to similar ones which would then pull the ones that we thought were un-needed up, and out of the deepest part of his mind, then revealing the ugly things all at once."

"And when this happens....?" I asks, wanting to get the whole of this concern before worrying myself too much.

"And when this happens, Niall will slip into what most likely will be an irreversible depression, which would lead to-"

"I know what it leads to, when is your next open section?" I ask exasperated with all of these complications to Niall's mental health. if anything, I think we should not have taken the easy way out and have done that procedure on him. Now his life is depending on it.

"Let me check my books.....Thursday at.....8pm, if that is not too late for ya?" he asks then leaving me to the decision.

"That would have to do." I say, feeling tired like I had not went to bed last night.

"Okay, see you in two days at 8pm." he says confirming the date and time.

"Thank you, and I will see you then."

"Okay, bye." the man finally says, and then hangs up.

I hit the 'end' button on the phone and drop my head on the pillow as if it were a cinder block.

"What was that about?" Bobby asks, shifting his weight on the bed to face me.

"Niall needs to take another hypnosis section."

"Again?" Bobby asks.

"Yes, the appointment is Thursday at 8pm......should we tell Niall about it?" I wonder.

"I think it is only better for him not to know until we are on the car ride there. It would be on his conscious that all of a sudden he can become irreversibly depressed. And he is not suppose to know about what we had to cover up."

"How did you know about the depression?" I asks.

"I was not asleep for that long." h3e says, which brings an automatic smile to my face.

"Should we wake up Niall or should we let him sleep?" I ask.

"Let the poor boy sleep, it is summer."

And with that, we didn't bother to get up.

Niall's POV

"Mickey! Stop running so fast!" I try to yell across the field. But she keeps on running and reading aloud.

This is beyond terrible, she can't know some of these things yet, it might freak her out, or even scare her.

I start running in the other direction, and it seems that she has lost her thoughts in reading the book than looking were she is going.

"I just told Mickey that I am going to run and get some water for both of us, just to buy time to write in you. I can't stop thinking about it to focus on playing with her. That girl is on my mind, and I can't get her off of it. even when I hear her na-" I stand right behind her as she bumps into me and I take that chance to grab the note book away from her grasp.

I take the sides of her face, then kiss her. I remember the feeling I got when i kiss her....it felt like.....it just......I.....I love her when I kiss her.

*I wake up*

I love her?.......No, I love her.

Sorry that it is short......I am planning on updating later on today so don't fret, just want to do one of those thinking chapters were you have to do that put that two and two together thing. Comment and tell me what you think the parents are trying to cover up!


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